2011 Draft Predictions part 1

The annual WWE Draft is upon us again (a bit early this year) so it’s time to analyze then over-analyze who we think will be switching brands this year. As of now it’s unknown about how many swaps will be made and because it’s only a two hour show we’ll keep it with five main guys then throw in a handful for the supplemental as well.

Raw to Smackdown!

1) R-Truth – While looking at the rosters, it’s hard to ignore that both are light on star power right now. Smackdown is especially bare and it makes sense to put a newly turned character on the show that needs stars. With Truth now turning heel he can be one of the top guys on SD.

2) Sheamus – What else is there for him to do on Raw? It would be a refreshing change for him as he’s done everything on the “red show.” He beat Cena (clean), and you can’t go much higher than that.

3) John Morrison – With Edge retiring, Smackdown is left with a huge void. Specifically for the top face on the show. Christian might be able to do it, but with everything we’ve ever read over the years, Vince probably won’t let him. Despite being super-popular, Rey Mysterio seems to be winding down and I can’t see him as the top dog. I don’t see Morrison being THE guy on SD, but he can defiantly shine brighter on Fridays.

4) Daniel Bryan – Ditto here for Bryan as it is for Morrison. Can I see Bryan being a consistent main eventer? Not right now, but there is so much more room to grow on Smackdown than there is on Raw. To me, SD was always more of the wrestling show while Raw was the entertainment show, and that fits Bryan to a T.

5) The Miz – Just here me out on this one. Do people hate the Miz? Yes. But it’s not always legitimate heat. All during the Wrestlemania hype he was overshadowed and not seen as an equal to Cena nor the Rock. Raw has been and will always be the A show, and right now the Miz isn’t an A talent. However, on Smackdown, you don’t need to be an A talent to be the top guy, which is a shame but right now it’s what’s best for his career.

Come back tomorrow for the Smackdown to Raw Draft predictions!


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  1. Do you guys think Jay Lethal is going to get drafted….I want him to go to Raw or Smackdown, so he can be on one of those shows….Raw or Smackdown. Jay Lethal is gonna come, but they have to change his name so he doesnt get sued by Jay Z, because he owns the rights to the name Jay, TNA was too small for Jay Z to care, but now he will. And you sure dont wanna get Jigga mad! Lol! I hope Jay Lethal gets drafted for Raw or Smackdown so he can do the Macho Man thing on RAW or Smackdown. He could reform the Jersey Guys with DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow….well not him cause he’s dead, but like a new Bam Bam Bigelow 2000. He should do that on RAW or Smackdown. So he’ll probably do something like that again.

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