Can we stop already with this Trish/Morrison crap?

Shaman of Sexy

I mean, really. I get it, people are mad at Morrison for treating Trish the way he did..But, come on…Pussy is powerful. You ever have a bitch yapping in your ear all night trying to get you to do something? It’s not fun..and most of the time us men just do it to get those broads to shut the fuck up. Melina looks annoying as fuck, too so I guarantee that’s why he did it. Every one seems to have an opinion on this, from the current Divas to X-Pac to Val Venis (who was hilarious in doing so.) Maybe Morrison has no nuts, maybe he thinks trish is an overrated whore…Who knows. All I know is that it’s been almost 3 weeks and I’m sick of hearing about it. As far as Batista and others ramming Melina…Maybe they have one of those kinky swinger relationships and Morrison tags other broads on the side to. He is Shaman of Sexy after all..You thought that was a gimmick?


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