2011 Draft Predictions part 2


The annual WWE Draft is upon us again (a bit early this year) so it’s time to analyze then over-analyze who we think will be switching brands this year. As of now it’s unknown about how many swaps will be made and because it’s only a two hour show we’ll keep it with five main guys then throw in a handful for the supplemental as well.

Smackdown to Raw

1) The Undertaker – I know we’ve been saying this for years, but this really feels like the end of the line for the Undertaker. Even though there’s a good chance he won’t be on television again until probably 2012, Taker needs as much exposure as possible, and Smackdown cannot provide him with that.

2) Drew McIntyre – A change of scenery should do the Super Scott some good. He’s been on the rise for some time now and I just don’t feel like he can reach his full potential on Fridays. Cena needs something to do before the Rock at Mania, and a fresh face for him would be good for everyone.

3) Kofi Kingston – I really struggeled with this one. I choose most of my Raw to SD picks based on the fact that there’s room to grow on Smackdown, and Kofi still has a ways to go before he’s huge. By putting Kofi on Raw, you’ll have that great upper tier guy who can hang with the main eventers and is super popular with the crowd. And with me picking Sheamus and the US Title to go to SD, I’d say put the IC Title back on Kofi and ship it with him to Mondays.

4) Justin Gabriel – As of right now, he has the most upside out of the entire Corre. Yes, Wade Barrett is probably the best in the ring and the mic, but Gabriel is highly marketable. And with the Corre seemingly done, it makes to move the upcoming star to the big show.

5) Alberto Del Rio – With the Miz (hopefully) going to Smackdown, that leaves a spot for a huge heel on Raw. And a World Champion too. On Monday, Del Rio will be the next huge heel on Raw. And on May 1st, he’ll be the World Champion. Del Rio also has everything to become Cena’s next major opponent.

As far as predicting the Supplemental Draft? That requires more and less thought at the same time. You have to take in account what’s best for the Superstars, but you also must realize it’s a crapshoot.

Raw to Smackdown: Ryder, Yoshi, Tyson Kidd, DiBiase
Smackdown to Raw: Slater, Awesome Kong (it counts!), JTG


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  1. WTF are you guys thinking??!! Taker is smackdown forever, just like Rey. You guys are morons with these predictions, Why don’t you get out of your parent’s basement and live in the real world…DORKS JEB out!!

  2. You guys are gay that you moderate the comments why dont you let the people speak freely on your shitty little canned website. you guys are dorks. JEB out.

  3. Do you guys think Justin Gabriel can lead his own stable called “The New Smackdown Draftees” consisting of Justin Gabriel, Alberto Del Rio, The Undertaker, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston and Justin Gabriel. I think they should come out to the Smackdown Theme song and use the Smackdown Titantron, and always talk about how Smackdown is the best! Then the RAW guys would fight them, but they would lose. They could all wear blue tights and blue sweatshirts. I think that would be the coolest…ever. Can you imagine if Justin Gabriel yelled at the Undertaker?!? LOL! That would be the best for ratings, people usually think of the nWo and Nexus when they see Smackdown, so this makes the most sense. Keep up the good work! I bookmarked you guys! So I can click on you! When I check my Favorites!

  4. Steve McGregor

    I really love this blog…when it was done 5 years ago on the Gamefaqs by me. I ran The Dooper Chronicles before it was even funny to say Saxon=Joke Account. I build up this big following, and “retire” from it, only to have a spanner thrown in the works by you Mr. BooLawler. But, you wouldn’t know what that is considering the 10 followers you have on Facebook. A friend of mine sent me here and I was immediately appalled by the barmy 5th grade style writing (Super Scot, Drew’s name isn’t actually Scott, brush up on your geography there) and lack of sense (Awesome Kong didn’t even debut yet) with your predictions. Be a lamb and stick to your day job, and oh yeah, belt up!

    • Keep it coming. The fact that you took the time out to hate on us, shows us how much you love us! Thanks for the support!

      • Steve McGregor

        And the fact that you say “us” implies that it takes two monkeys to write hogwash like this. Typical American arrogance and stupidity, thinking hate represents love. These articles are rubbish and thank you Jeb for your comment. I was bloody surprised when I saw my comment was to be moderated. I had people hate my stuff too, I wasn’t stupid enough to believe it was done out of love. Easy review for this website: DOG’S DINNER!

  5. Shut up McBooger….This site rocks! This is a place for people to read wrestling stuff, your stuff doesnt even make sense. Go back to Massachusetts!

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