Happy Easter!

The cutest bunnies you've ever seen.

Happy Easter/Zombie Jesus Day from BooLawler!


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  1. Cause you know…Meanie’s Catholic to!

  2. Happy Easter Guys! 1 Week till Xtreme Rulz!!!!

  3. The old format was better

  4. What do you mean by that, Mitchell?

  5. Steve McGregor

    Dogs as rabbits on a wrestling site? THIS WEBSITE: DOG’S DINNER!

  6. Glad to hear from a fan yet again…What’s this? Your third day in a row on our site? So glad you incorporated our site in to your every day reading!

  7. Steve McGregor

    I merely stating my sheer and utter disgust for you nancy boys posing as journalists and having the nerve to say what you report is news. I will post on here everyday without reading these sodding articles to express my disgust. Get off the wacky backy and don’t quit your day jobs….twits!

  8. Where do you see any news? I see opinions. Regardless, we appreciate you taking the time out of your obviously busy, jam packed day to visit our site! Always a pleasure talking to a fan! Feel free to follow us on twitter, and like us on facebook! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! GOD speed.

  9. What a garbage site this is. Putting bunny ears on your mom’s dog doesn’t make you cool. I’m surprised you had time to take that picture with all the chores you have to do to get your allowance. bunch of dorks…. JEB out!

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