Random Tag Teams That Could Be Awesome

Personal favorite tag title design

Tag team wrestling in the WWE is dead. Not quite dead and buried, but close. Over the years we’ve seen some excellent tag teams; MNM, Cade and Murdoch, Miz and Morrison, London and Kendrick, the Hart Dynasty, among others. All dominated the division, won the titles rather quickly, then break up with no true closure. There seems to be two true boom periods for tag team wrestling in the WWE: the TLC era from 2000-2001 with the Hardys, Dudleys, and Edge & Christian. Then there was the Smackdown Six from 2002-2003 which involved the brand new WWE Tag Team Titles.  Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit, Los Guererros, and Edge & Rey Mysterio carried Smackdown during their constant three-way feud. After God’s Team (Angle/Benoit) broke up, the World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) stepped in and the transition was seamless. But good things don’t last forever and it seems as though they just don’t care about tag wrestling anymore.

The WWE’s favorite thing to do with tag teams is mostly to throw two totally random guys together and hope for the best. Koslov and Santino actually work out well together, so it’s not always a waste of time. I took it upon myself to throw together a bunch of tag teams made up of currently active WWE Superstars; if that’s what the writers can do, why can’t we?

  • Evan Bourne & Daniel Bryan – Call it what you will: two small guys creative has nothing for, the RoH Connection, or just two good wrestlers teaming up. If the APPLE experiment taught us anything, it’s that these two have a chemistry that could work long term.
  • Michael McGillicutty & Ted DiBiase – First, I’d change McGillicutty’s name to his real name, Joe Hennig. This would be similar to Legacy, but I’d take a chance and turn them face.
  • Drew McIntyre & Sheamus – It makes sense, right? Two big bruising guys, both are European, and both seemingly get lost in the shuffle. As long as they don’t get a stupid name like the UKonnection they could be pretty good together.
  • Skip Sheffield & Ezekiel Jackson – just two big badass dude. Again, I’d make them faces and not just another generic big guy team.
  • Sin Cara & Yoshi Tatsu – I don’t really have to explain this one, right?
  • Curt Hawkins & Brodius Clay –  your typical little guy with a body guard dynamic. I’ve always liked these type teams based off what they could do in the ring; the big guy slamming the little one onto their opponent, or the little one jumping off the big one’s shoulders. Plus, I just want Hawkins on TV again.

Depending how the Draft shakes out this week, I could seriously see at least one of these teams actually getting together and doing work.


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  1. Why would you make an opinion based article and then not explain one of your choices (yoshi/Sin cara). That seems f’n lazy and it shows how terrible you guys are at this. McGregor had it right with this shitty site. Get out of your mom’s basement and get some daylight losers. JEB out!

  2. Steve McGregor

    Thank you Jeb. The 12 year olds that write this site need to get a jolly rogering and watch their testes drop to realize what utter rubbish it is they are writing. I bet 20 quid that the wankers that write this website sell knives over Channel 4 late night on the telly, or are unemployed; which is the most likely of situations. The Dooper Chronicles will live on forever!

  3. so glad you chavs could come visit us daily! keep pumping up our site visits you pink shirt wearing nonces!

  4. I think that WWE needs to keep having the tag teams and stop doing all the breakups, and the Draft is going to fix the tag teams. I was hoping that Kozlov goes to Smackdown, so Santino has to team up with Zack Ryder, they can be called Italian Ice Z! And WWE should have Jay Lethal come in and make a tag team to, he’d bring a lot to the titles. In TNA Jay Lethal was always in the best ratings parts of the show, so people would like the tag team stuff more. All you guys who keep coming on this site and talking about how much you dont like it, should stop going on this website, its just for wrestling fans who want to read wrestling stuff. So if your not real wrestling fans, then leave! I go to a bunch of wrestling sites, and everyone just posts stuff about wrestling. You guys need to stop.

  5. Steve McGregor

    I didn’t know my picture was of me wearing a pink shirt, but I guess you Americans know everything i ‘spose. Lionel, why don’t you stop being such a stupid mark fan. I bet you’re a huge John Cena fan or one of those that jumped on the John Cena sucks bandwagon because it was hip to hate him. Not to sound biased because I hail from merry ol’ Londontown, but WWE, as well as this site, have done huge injustices not noticing the true talents of Wade Barrett. He should’ve been World Champion from the moment the Nexus took off. We would be in a different boat today if that happened. But no, Vince likes silly marks like Lionel and the writers of Boolawler.com that don’t know wrestling if it bit ’em in the arse. They’ve been fed this sports entertainment nonsense so long they no longer know what’s good. That’s how you write an editorial piece Boolawler, take a lesson. Long live the Dooper Chronicles and may God Save the Queen. This site is still a dog’s dinner!

  6. Actually, we’re Canadian…stupid. Nice try though. And you’re a mark as well, we’re all marks, that’s why we watch and buy the product. You’re the worst type of fan: British. Just kidding (I’m not kidding). Please tell all your friends from that gross island you call a country to come hate on us too! The more crooked-tooth slack-jawed chavs the better! And thank YOU, Steven, for being our 300th visitor today!!!!!! That’s the most visits we’ve had thus far! Isn’t it nearly 4:30 AM in London? Shouldn’t you be in bed right now? Or does World of Warcraft keep you up all night?

  7. I dont like John Cena….I like Jay Lethal (when he debuts) and Randy Orton and The Rock and Christian, and I think Luke from Tough Enough and Lucky Cannon from NXT are fighting it out to be my favorite up and comers. Who do you like you Old Dingo!

  8. Jamar Shipman is garbage, just like you Lionel and you dorks at Boolawler. JEB out!!

  9. Whos Jamar Shipman and Shut up! LIONEL IN!

  10. Can you guys delete my first comment, I diddnt finish writing LIONEL IN and accidently sent it….I dont wanna look stupid (lol)

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