Raw Musings 4/25/11

Close enough

Just things I didn’t feel like tweeting about.

  • Opening Raw with an already in-progress match? Dislike.
  • Another dislike: commercials during matches! I’ll never get used to it.
  • Really like the final four; 2 small guys (Kofi, Bourne) and 2 big guys (Mason, Show). Really shows off the diversity of the current roster.
  • Legitimately SHOCKED Cena back to SD. The ratings must be worse than expected if they’re moving the franchise to Fridays.

You know who thinks the Hangover is funny? Folks who enjoy low brow mediocrity.

    • Or maybe they moved Cena so they can edit out the boos?
    • Really, it’s been a month, please take away Miz’s replica title and give him a real one, it’s embarrassing and disrespectful to everyone.
    • With any luck Extreme Rules will be the end of Cole/Lawler. As much as we love everything that’s happened to Lawler over the last few months, it’s time to put an end to Michael Cole the character.
    • I was skeptical, but I think I’m really going to like R-Truf.
    • I will forever hate Stone Cold Steve Austin because of “What?”

    That Chili’s Triple Dinner sure does look good…damn effective advertising.

  • So glad they’re using more and more vignettes to build debuting characters recently. Del Rio, Sin Cara, and Kharma will benefit greatly with these slow builds.
  • This LayCool tiff reminds me of a domestic dispute.
  • Remember when Mysterio got drafted to Raw a few years ago? The Latino SD demographic dropped so low they moved him back. And if memory serves me correctly he hated Raw, allegedly.
  • We need Matt Striker back on commentary solely to give the Superstars nicknames.
  • Cody Rhodes noticeably trying to speak without his lisp. He shouldn’t hide it, it’s not only his but his dad’s too. It’s part of his heritage.
  • Orton to Smackdown. I felt they weren’t gonna move Cena because Orton is his “insurance,” so to speak, in case Cena gets hurt. He’s still his insurance, just on Fridays.
  • How sad is it that Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler is the single most well constructed feud in the last year?
  • Country whipping match? Should be good…if they remove the announcers and use WRESTLERS.
  • I almost asked “Who the hell is that?” when I saw Ziggler in the ring. He doesn’t stand out AT ALL anymore. Shame.
  • Makes sense to have Sin Cara on SD and Rey on Raw; that way you can sell masks on two days!!
  • I can’t figure out why guys on the receiving show are excited about the new pick. Primo should be terrified Big Show is on Raw.
  • I can’t help but notice that Rev Theory’s “Justice” directly steals from Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name.” The solo is near identical, it’s mind bottling.
  • Unless they plan on pushing him hard, Mark Henry seems like a waste in this match.
  • Del Rio is a natural fit on Raw, and if it wasn’t for Smackdown he would flounder terribly. All up and comers should want to be on Smackdown because that’s where you grow.
  • Miz, Punk, and Del Rio belong together as the top heels in the company.
  • So, did they just seal Christian’s World Heavyweight Championship?

And to those whom disagree with what we say, I say to you…I’ll go to the papers if I have to.


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  1. Wow 10 fans. That takes care of all your family now time to try and get real fans. this site is a joke just like your writing skills. It’s people like you who think their opinions actually matter that give wrestling fans like me a bad name. No one gives a shit about this site except your grandma Myrle who you gave a bag of Werther’s to be a fan of. Go put on your collection of John Cena shirts and stare at your visit counter proudly….dorks JEB out.

  2. I mean, after reading all of your comments you and the other douche sure as hell like to visit this site a lot…Especially since you think it’s crap. You’re telling these guys to get a life, but you are flaming a website every single day…What’s that make you?

  3. I’m someone who likes to tell people when their shit sucks and I have the balls to continously tell them so they don’t forget. But, because I spend 30 seconds writing a post, I’m clearly flaming their website and am a douche. I don’t know if you are their brother and cousin but I’m sure they don’t need a little bitch like you defending them.

  4. I forgot…JEB out!!

  5. I honestly don’t mind Jeb, or Steve personally. My skin is thicker then that. I don’t deny any of their comments, they are entitled to their opinion and can speak freely. They are our two biggest fans however… 🙂

  6. Steve McGregor

    I speak on my own behalf that I don’t mind these Boolawler people on a personal level. What I have a problem with is that they have the nerve to put such poorly worded schlock on the internet and call it editorial journalism. I have been writing for the past 30 years of my life and to see my profession pissed on like that is straight bullocks. I’ve been a fan all my life, having seen live, what is considered to be one of the greatest matches of all-time when Davey Boy pinned Bret, so I’ve seen my ups and downs. I merely comment on this website, because people who obviously have no professional writing experience are passing this blasé written opinion pieces on us expecting us to give a crap. I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like, however, in terms of writing, please just take a class gentlemen! Charles…your mother called, supper’s ready! Hopefully she won’t be serving this site….. which is a dog’s dinner!

  7. You got us: we’re not professional journalists. Never will be (don’t like deadlines).

    You’ve been doing this for 30 years? That makes you at least 50. Really dude? Really? If that’s the case, then 1) congrats on having a long career and 2) quit acting like a 12 year grassfairy on the internet.

    And this site is dog’s dinner…if you feed your dog Filet Mignon with a baked potato and the only the finest of aged wines…WHICH WE DO.

  8. You guys rock, its nice to know when I want to hear someone talk about the things I like I can go hear and read the boolawler page for opinions and thougts and all my friends dont like wrestling, so I need to hear talk sometimes so I come here. It sucks to go to shows by yourself and have no one to talk to about this stuff, so I like to come too sites like this one, small opinon pages that just give thoughts on what the other people like me like to talk about, so if you have a problem back off! If you want real journalism, go read the New Yorkers wrestling section! (lol they dont have one!)

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