Full 2011 Draft Results

"You can't leave Smackdown! NOOOOOO!"

1) Cena to SD – great way to kick it off.
2) Mysterio to Raw – They tried it before, it failed, why do it again?
3) Orton to SD – Top face on Fridays.
4) Mark Henry to SD – New #1 Heel on Fridays?
5) Sin Cara to SD – Now he can grow.
6) Big Show to Raw – Not quite a waste, but…why?
7) Del Rio to Raw – Destiny fulfilled. Although I can’t help but thing Christian is hands down new World Champ.
8} Cena to Raw – Really, it’s where he should be.

I suppose the only reason they moved Cena back and forth was to prove that “anything can happen in the Draft.”For a two hour show they still pulled it off. Looking back, having a three hour Draft actually draws out the entire process, not to mention having “garbage” picks on Raw. Speaking of drawn out and/or garbage picks, here’s the results of the four and a half hour long Supplemental Draft:

*Daniel Bryan goes from RAW to SmackDown. – Excellent pick. Let the wrestler wrestle.
* Jack Swagger goes from SmackDown to RAW. – Another good pick; he was getting stale.
* The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh go from RAW to SmackDown. – It’s Khali…it doesn’t matter.
* Jimmy Uso goes from RAW to SmackDown. – ANOTHER tag team broken up by the Draft, what a waste.
* Kelly Kelly goes from SmackDown to RAW. – Good to have the Barbie on Raw, where I assume the Barbie Killer will debut soon.
* JTG goes from SmackDown to RAW. – Eh, it doesn’t matter.
* Alicia Fox goes from RAW to SmackDown. – See above.
* William Regal goes from RAW to SmackDown. – Perhaps a mentor to Barrett? Or a feud with Bryan?
* Yoshi Tatsu goes from RAW to SmackDown. – Good for him; he’ll actually be on TV!
* Drew McIntyre goes from SmackDown to RAW. – Finally. He’s been bred as the Next Big Thing, time to prove it.
* Natalya goes from RAW to SmackDown. – All the Divas should just be on one show.
* Curt Hawkins goes from SmackDown to RAW. – PLEASE put back Hawkins and Ryder.
* Chris Masters goes from SmackDown to RAW. – “In the next pick, WWE Superstars receives…”
* Jey Uso goes from RAW to SmackDown. – And the Usos are back together. Anyone care?
* Kofi Kingston goes from SmackDown to RAW. – Got a feeling he’ll be bringing the IC Title with him.
* Ted DiBiase goes from RAW to SmackDown. – Good pick, lots of room to develop a character like Cody did.
* Tyson Kidd goes from RAW to SmackDown. – Another wrestler headed to the wrestling show.
* Tamina goes from RAW to SmackDown. – Yay! All the Samoans on Smackdown!
* Tyler Reks goes from SmackDown to RAW. – Who?
* Alex Riley goes from RAW to SmackDown. – This one has a lot of potential. Let’s see what A-Ri can really do.
*Beth Phoenix goes from SmackDown to RAW. – No Diva draft pick really matters.
* Sheamus goes from RAW to SmackDown. – Yes. Immediately jumps to the top of Smackdown.

I really wish Superstars was it’s own brand, because most of the Supplemental are only on that show anyways. The rosters actually look fresh this year, and I’m excited to see how it all ends up.


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  1. Do you guys think there is room for Ryder and Hawkins to go for the tag titles together and did you see Zack Ryder’s twitter on during the draft, He said I HOPE I GET DRAFTED OFF SUPERSTARS TO RAW OR SMACKDOWN! Haha he’s great, I hope that the long island iced zea goes for the tag belts. Or even better if Hawkins comes back as Edge 2, because he used to be an Edge head and still looks just like him and then it will be like Edge never left! It’s like how he had a mentor who died and now he has to avenge him and become the new one, like when Robin became the new batman in the comics.

  2. Really, Orton is the top face on Smackdown over the Undertaker. You guys are such morons, it’s incredible that wordpress allows to stay up and running. Great Chris Masters joke, like it hasn’t been said 5 Million times before.
    How bout you guys just actually recap the draft instead of putting your terrible wit into every sentence. It’s no wonder the author doesn’t own up to his/her article. It’s fuckin terrible!
    JEB out!!

  3. And Lionel is clearly retarded. He shouldn’t be allowed to post. JEB out!!

  4. Considering how Taker isnt even on Smackdown right now, and probably wont be for a long time, Orton is the top face. Unless youre trying to say Orton isnt over? Either way, you’re a certified dumb piece.

    And to my dearest Lionel: Hawkins as Edge2 would be great. There’s so many possibilities!!

  5. Yeah, next time I go to RAW or I’ll bring a “Kurt Hawkins =Edge 2?” Sign! Jeb, I can post where ever I want, ITS A FREE INTERNET! (ecxept for the 29.95 we have to pay the internet company, lol) So mind your business jerko! LIONEL IN !

  6. Steve McGregor

    Once again I come on here only to fine sheer and utter stupidity, except for JEB. Jeb, if you are from America, you’ve made the short list of Americans I actually like. Lionel, tell your mum to pay for a tutor after you finish your candy floss and run a bath. Kids should not be allowed on the internet these days, it ruins it for the rest of us. Curt Hawkins? Seriously, you might as well bring a Trent Baretta sign while you’re at it. As for you writers of Boo Lawler, a simple recap of the draft with a few quips every now and again would be good enough, we don’t need your opinion on every name. Something is only funny or witty when it’s done in small amounts, which is why your version of the Office is boorish and virtually unwatchable…. DOG’S DINNER! (your site, I can tolerate the American office)

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