Smackdown Spoilers for April 29

(copy pasted from every single wrestling website in the world)

* SmackDown opens with Randy Orton coming out. Drew McIntyre interrupts him and gets RKO’d. Alex Riley comes out but gets RKO’d as well. Alberto Del Rio and friends come out to attack Orton but Christian makes the save.

* Teddy Long announces Christian and Orton vs. Del Rio and Brodus Clay for tonight.

* Kofi Kingston comes out next and is attacked by Sheamus.

* Segment with Michael Cole and Jack Swagger.

* Sin Cara defeated Jack Swagger.

* Kane and Big Show defeated Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel to retain the WWE Tag Titles.

* Backstage segment with Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali. Rey leaves and a large Indian man appears to talk with Khali and Ranjin Singh.

* Rey comes out and talks about leaving SmackDown and facing Cody Rhodes at Extreme Rules.

* Rey Mysterio beat Mark Henry via DQ when Cody Rhodes came out and attacked him, putting a paper bag over Rey’s face. Henry just left laughing at Rey.

* Layla and Michelle McCool go to a double countout and they brawl. They will face at Extreme Rules with No DQ’s, No countouts and the loser must leave SmackDown.

* Interview with Christian about winning the World Title.

* Randy Orton and Christian beat Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay. Orton hit the RKO in Clay for the win.


Doesn’t seem like an awful Smackdown, but for the first post-Draft Smackdown it could use a little more sizzle; it looks almost pedestrian. Hopefully it’ll come off good on TV.


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