New feuds to see part 1: Raw

Now that the Draft has come and gone and the rosters are set, they actually look quite refreshed as well. With the exception of Rey to Raw, every Draft pick seems like a good pick. Yes, a lot of the lower card guys that were moved most likely won’t add to anything (I’m looking at you, Usos), but many picks are going to lead to brighter futures. So let’s take a look at would could happen on Raw in the coming months.

John Cena needs new enemies. Number one on that list is going to Alberto Del Rio. In my opinion he embodies everything that is a top heel in the WWE. The charisma, the athletic ability, the over top showmanship, you name it he has it. Hopefully they won’t shotgun this feud after Extreme Rules, but rather let it build up for a few months. In the meantime I see Cena finishing up with Miz, winning the title in the process. Before Cena v Del Rio, I’d assume the next guy for Cena is going to be Dolph Ziggler. While there may be better options for Cena, Ziggler makes the most sense right now. R-Truth just turned heel and needs some time to become truly hated, not to mention his feud with John Morrison needs to continue. Ziggler is already over and has big match experience, so he’d be good to plug in the title scene for a Pay Per View.

Drew McIntyre has been positioned as the next big thing since he debuted; by putting him on Raw it’s a sink or swim situation. He’ll need a buffer feud before he hits the big time; perhaps with former Smackdown mate Rey Mysterio? It seems like a step backward to feud with someone whom you already have, but it may be best for both to get acclimated for live TV.  Morrison v McIntyre could also work. Same goes with Jack Swagger.

I highly expect Kofi Kingston to get that upper card/almost main event slot too.

I’m hoping the rumors aren’t true, but for months there’s been talk of turning the Miz face. Right now there’s no reason to, as I feel he’s just starting to come into his own after the whole Rock/Wrestlemania fiasco. But if he were to turn face, feuds with all the heel Smackdown Draft picks would be a must.

I was skeptical at first but after this weeks “coming out” promo, I see big things for Truth. Truth vs Mysterio would be a good choice after Truth finishes with Morrison. Mysterio is one of the best and rarely has a bad match, so pairing him with Truth would really get Truth over as a heel, and in turn help Mysterio succeed on Raw this time around.

And finally, I’d assume Hawkins and Ryder get back together (maybe as faces who are so ridiculous they’re popular, like E&C?), Kofi and Evan Bourne to be thrown together for random tag matches, and dammit when is Skip Sheffield coming back?

Check back tomorrow for the Smackdown portion of this highly opinionated literary piece of gold.


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  1. Do you guys think John Cena would beat Del Rio really quick, becuase since he’s fighting the Rock at “EntertainmentMania” he has to go undefeated or else no one will believe that The Rock will lose to him and I think the Rock is only doing action movies now, so that the people wont think he’s not that good as a fighter and Action movies = credibility.

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