SD Feuds I want

Simpler Times.

– Written and Illustrated by Sir Ringside

The 2011 WWE Draft has come and gone and the rosters are all shook up. With a lot of fresh faces on both shows let’s take a look at what feuds could/should happen on Smackdown in the near future.

First off, Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett. Right now this is the one feud I see taking Smackdown to another level, this is the money maker for them. Despite having a short feud last year for the WWE Title, they didn’t really do much with one another; that was more Nexus vs Cena with Orton going along for the ride. Barrett is great on the microphone and is okay in the ring, not great but can still have a good match depending on whom he’s fighting. With Orton, they’ll have great matches and I can most certainly see this headlining Smackdown for Summerslam. Christian vs Cody Rhodes could be very interesting. To me, Christian is not a number one guy. He’s a solid number two who is quite over and can get it done in the ring. Cody Rhodes is one of the hottest up and coming heels in the WWE right now, and is most likely one great feud away from being a title contender. A win over Christian would propel Cody into the main event scene, which of course leads into Rhodes vs Orton. Great history behind that feud (which they could actually use for a change) and I see great things in this feud.

I want Mark Henry & Ezekiel Jackson to be thrown together into a team, preferably with Henry helping Zeke destroy the Corre. squashing every tag team on the show, leading to the monumental Henry/Zeke vs Show/Kane. Who knows, maybe even a an actual tag division will come to fruition!

I could also see Sin Cara engaging in feuds with guys like Ted Dibiase and Justin Gabriel. Nothing too huge, but good starter feuds for him to acclimated to the WWE. Maybe even a “respect” feud with Daniel Bryan, which has all the potential to be a great wrestling program. But where does this leave Sheamus? It all depends on whether or not he loses the US Title to someone from Raw in the near future. He vs Kane feels like a must, as does him facing off with Christian. Right now he seems in limbo, perhaps a World Title feud with Orton down the road? This one stumps me as of right now, we’ll just have to wait and see. Oh yeah, there’s some guy named the Undertaker that’ll come back eventually too…

In this post-Draft era, Smackdown seems like they have gotten stronger. They may not have the name value as Raw, but much like it’s always been: Smackdown is the Wrestling, Raw is the Entertainment. I’m defiantly looking forward the greatness Smackdown is going to bring this year.


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