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– Photography of Mr HOF and article by Ringsidius

“As noted before, Shawn Michaels has filed trademarks on “Mr. HOF” and “Mr. Hall of Fame”, so it looks like those will be the nicknames WWE uses when talking about him from here on out. Since Shawn retired, WWE has wanted to market him as the greatest wrestler of all-time since he has a very long-term contract with the company.”

Shawn Michaels is the greatest professional wrestler. Ever.

A lot of times you hear the same group of guys being listed as the greatest of all time: Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, the Undertaker, and Kurt Angle among others. Shawn Michaels’ name doesn’t get thrown into that discussion nearly enough. In the ring he is untouchable. He was great before he retired in 1998, having some of the best matches ever: vs Bret Hart in the Iron Man match, vs Razor Ramon in the ladder matches, vs Vader and vs Mankind at In Your House PPVs.

But then after four years of inactivity and a broken back, he comes back and is better than ever. His return match against Triple H at Summerslam 2002 was excellent; it didn’t even need the “unsanctioned” stipulation that they used as a crutch in case he couldn’t physically do it all himself. The he went on to have great matches with Jericho at WM19, Shelton Benjamen during the Raw Gold Rush Tournament, vs Angle at WM21 and just dozens more. I have never seen a bad Shawn Michaels match. They’re either good or great matches. On the other hand, with everyone else I mentioned above, I have seen bad matches by them. Most of the time it’s the quality of their opponents, but Michaels has wrestled some subpar guys and still made it an entertaining match. Anyone remember Taker vs Mark Henry? Or anyone vs the Great Khali? I’ve always walked away satisfied after seeing HBK wrestle.

On the microphone he’ll never be compared to Rock, Austin, Flair, or Hogan. But what he did say was always convincing, you always believed in what he was saying (except for the 2006 DX rebirth, that was just bad). When Michaels was JBL’s lacky? Those promos were great. Michaels promoing on Flair during the WM24 build up, and his mini heel turn when he took on Hogan at Summerslam 2006 were great. With the exception of the new DX stuff, I’ve never said, “wow, what a shitty promo.”

Hogan can’t wrestle anymore, neither can Flair. Taker has been on borrowed time for years. But I guarantee you if Shawn Michaels decided in two years he wanted to come back, he could jump back in head first and only cement his legacy further as the greatest of all time.


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  1. Shawn Michaels isnt the best. I usually agree with you guys but Shawn Michaels lost to John Cena, HHH, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, The Miz, Kane, Undertaker, He never won the Masterlock challenge, he lost to Razor Romon, he lost to Hulk Hogan, he lost the fight against Mark Henry on RAW once (it wasnt a match but I saw it live Henry killed him) he got beat up by 7 marines outside (a nightclub in 1994. He never won the best wrestler Slammy.

    but I think Rey Mysterio Jr is the best wrestler there ever was. He won all the belts, HBK never won the cruiserwieght belt. He was in real WCW, HBK never was, Rey never retired twice. He won the Royal Rumble, and people like him better over the world. Shawn Michaels said in his book that Rey Mysterio Jr was the best little man he ever fought, so HBK even thinks he’s better.

    Its all good guys, I still love you, I just need to be in disagreement with yoy sometimes because friends fight sometimes.

    LIONEL IN (lol :))), (double chins happy face lol)

  2. Last time I checked Lionel, Rey never won the Hardcore or European title. That being said, I believe Lionel has more wrestling knowledge than the schmucks that run this site. Dorks!!! JEB out…

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