Extreme Rules predictions!

Layla Vs. Michelle McCool (loser leaves Smackdown! match) –

Sad to see these two break up as they were by far my favorite two divas..But, I guess all good things come to an end. My guess here, is that Layla gets the victory. If the rumors of Taker moving to RAW are true, I’m sure McCool would be going right along with him. Not only that, my guess is Kong (Kharma) is going Raw, so she’ll need more pretty blondes to destroy.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes (Falls count anywhere match) –

This may be the match I am most excited for on the entire card. I thoroughly enjoyed their match at Mania, and have loved the work they have done of the past couple months. Cody has grown so much, and has finally come in to his own. I expect him to get the rub here, because Rey has nothing to lose, especially with him to Monday nights. With Del Rio gone, this is Cody’s shot to take the ball and run with it as a major heel.

Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk (Last Man Standing match) –

This one could be tricky. Rumors are circulating about CM Punk and his contract status. If they’re true, he’s unhappy with how he’s being used, wants to leave, take time off…Whatever…it could go one of two ways…they A, give him the rub to make him happy or B, job him out completely. I hope the rumors are completely bullshit…because Punk gone would make leave a tremendous void in the company. This is another match where one of the participants are leaving for another show, so I could see Punk getting the rub over Orton especially since Punk has been getting the short end of the stick for the last couple months.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler Vs. Michael Cole and Jack Swagger (Country whipping match)

Where to start? The outcome, and even the ending is disgustingly predictable. JR and Lawler will win with an obvious Swagger face turn. I for one am not excited at all for this one, and I can’t imagine many are after that debacle at Wrestlemania. I don’t have to tell any of our 12 readers how we feel about Lawler, so let’s just say this match won’t have my full attention.

The Miz Vs. John Cena Vs. John Morrison (cage match) –

I am certainly more excited for this one now that Morrison involved, than I was when it was Truth. Barring something completely shocking, Morrison is there merely to add style and flair to the match and a few high spots via his parkour skills. The Miz has had the belt for 5 months, which is about 3 months more then I expected him to. I think his first reign has ran it’s course, and I can’t see him keeping Cena  away from the belt yet again. This opens the door for a feud between Cena and Del Rio in the near future.

Christian Vs. Alberto Del Rio (Ladder Match) –

I was thinking even before Edge’s retirement that this would be Del Rio’s time to win the World Heavyweight Championship…Then, it became even more obvious when Cena got drafted to to Smackdown! that Del Rio would take the World Title over to RAW. Every thing changed when Cena got drafted back to RAW. I can’t see both major titles being one one show for any period of time, so one would think Christian would get the title and keep it on SMACKDOWN! Crazier things have happened, but having both titles on RAW would really diminish Smackdonw! that much more.


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  1. What a stupid post! Yea Christian will really win the title when Vince has solidly depushed every chance he gets. And who exactly would Christian feud with??!! Mark Henry…Mid card Sheamus…Sin Cara??!!! You guys are absolute morons and have no idea about wrestling. Talk about something you know…like circle jerking or zit popping or getting a level 94 warrior armor suit in WOW. Dorks…JEB out

  2. Steve McGregor

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately gents to give your website a jolly ol’ flogging, but this royal wedding coverage is exciting! Way to use the spell check feature when typing your article. Jeb hits it right on the head, I get better news and predictions when the “entertainers” (rubbish) post their thoughts on their Twitter accounts. Jeb, you and I might as well write our own website, the rubbish on this one already is piled quite high! DOGS DINNER!!!!!!!!!

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