SD Live Blog!…

Way better than the Raw Tenth Anniversary logo

…but just for the main event (it’s been a long day).

  • I wonder how much longer Del Rio is going to drive out a ridiculously expensive car.
  • I really wish Brodus doesn’t just get lost in the shuffle with Del Rio moving to Raw without him. For a big guy he’s pretty athletic.
  • I really hate how Michael Cole can’t decide on whether he’s going to be a character or a commentator. He’s good at both and I hope he’ll be just one after Sunday.
  • Orton needs to shave, badly.
  • I don’t know if he’s a legitamet World Champion, but Christian is still so good in the ring regardless of his opponent.
  • Orton is going to rejuvinate Smackdown. The crowd is popping so hard and it’s actually legit pops, not the pre-recorded stuff they usually lose.
  • I cannot wait for Alberto Dio Rio to be the biggest star in this company.

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  1. Just so you know d-bags. Smackdown isn’t live on Friday nights. It’s taped on Tuesday nights. So your “live blogs” were done like 3 days ago. Dorks! JEB out…

  2. Which is why we posted spoilers a few days ago….Nice try, however.

  3. Steve McGregor

    So your posting thoughts about stuff you already have read before? You posted information twice essentially. Once again, you are proving to me and the rest of us over here that your site is a Dog’s Dinner!!!

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