• Matthews, Jerry Lawler and Booker T are on commentary as Randy Orton makes his way out for tonight’s opener. Out next comes CM Punk with Nexus members Mason Ryan, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty with him. The General Manager’s e-mail alert goes off and Matthews steps up to the podium. It’s announced that Nexus is banned from ringside. Punk heads for the ring and exposes a turnbuckle before hopping in. The bell rings and here we go.
  • Orton works over Punk with a kendo stick, a few counts from the ref…Punk Runs Orton head first in to the exposed turnbuckle..Ref counts both men. Punk hits his patented high knee on Orton in the corner…Punk goes for GTS..countered by Orton..Orton runs Punk through the steel chair. Both men battle outside…scoop slam by Orton on the outside. Ref counts.
  • Orton pulls apart the announce table…Punk hits a head kick on Orton. Orton smashed Punk’s head against the announce table…Slams Punk’s back in to the barricade..both men now back in the ring..RKOes countered by Punk…Punks hits the GTS on Orton…Ref counts…Lawler claims it’s over. Orton up in the corner..knees by punk…
  • Punk slams Orton on the chair…Ref counts to 8…Orton up via the ropes Punk grabs chair…RKO!!! Orton up, Ref counts…Punk up at 9 and falls to the outside…Orton throws Punk over barricade…Ref counts…Punk back in to ring area…drives Orton’s back in to post…ref counts…Punk wraps Orton’s head in steel chair and slams him in to the steel post! Ref counts….Orton up at 9. Punk with fists to the head of Orton..Throws Orton on table..Both men on table…Punk sets up GTS…countered…RKO ON TABLE!! Ref counts…Punk up at 8…falls back down..new count…Orton goes for the punt….countered by punk! Fireman’s carry then slammed head first in to steel steps!! Ref counts…Orton up at 9!! Punk throws Orton back in…has Kendo stick…Punk climbs up top with kendo stick…Orton gets up and hits punk with a Kendo stick…over and over and over!! Orton climbs up with Punk…SUPER RKO FROM TOP ROPE!!! Both men down…ref counts…Orton makes it up at 9…Punk doesn’t!!
  • Country whipping match is up next!
  • Sheamus and Teddy Long talking…Sheamus Vs. Kofi tonight in a tables match for the US title! Sheamus says he doesn’t like it because he’s the US champ and he’s wrestling some one not even from the US…He demands to see Kofi’s birth certificate…
  • Show Morrison preparing back stage…make references of his parkour skills.
  • That match is next…out comes Kofi..followed by Sheamus…
  • Both men start off exchanging kicks in the corner…Kofi puts down Sheamus and goes to get a table early…stopped by Sheamus…Sheamus grabs table…Kofie with a jumping fist to put down sheamus on the outside…Kofi rests sheamus on table…Sheamus jumps off and runs around the ring…Kofi chases…Sheamus throws Kofi against barrier…Sheamus grabs another table…Sheamus goes for Celtic cross through table…Kofi falls off…back in side…Kofi hits sheamus with a flying elbow…Sheamus grabs table..pounding Kofi with it! Stands on table while its on top of Kofi!
  • Sheamus sets up table in corner…goes to spinebuster Kofi in corner…Kofi rulls up Sheamus…jumps up and stomps Sheamus to the chest….Kofi runs at Sheamus…sheamus moves while Kofi in mid-air……KOFI SPLITS HIS LEGS AND AVOIDS THE TABLE….Kofi trying to suplex sheamus to the outside on table…kofi gets pushed off…but clears table…both men up top…kofi with a fist to sheamus so both fall off…TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! Sheamus now outside…Kofi on top turbnucks…KOFI JUMPS AND FORCES SHEAMUS THROUGH TABLE!! KOFI WINS!!
  • Winner and New US Champion – KOFI KINGSTON

  • Grisham interviews truth…asks him how he feels about not being in the main event any more…Truth says it’s a conspiracy..says Cena and Miz don’t want him in the match…neither does “some one else”…Truth hates thieves and says Morrison stole his spot.
  • Country whipping match up next!
  • Cole and Swagger out first..Cole is wearing bubble wrap. Cole grabs the mic…says he isn’t scared of this match and rattles off all his achievements…says when him and Swagger win JR and Lawler can stay in Florida..Says their old and useless retirees.
  • JR out next…waits for Lawler on the ramp…JRs hand is heavile wrapped, as it’s broken. Cole mocks JR in the ring. Lawler and Swagger to start it. JR whoops Swagger with the strap from the apron..Swagger turns around and Lawler hits him with the strap as well. Cole in, Lawler whoops him…but Cole isn’t affected due to bubble wrap…Lawler with a right hand…then he unwraps Cole. Swagger back in….Swagger gets Lawler down and whips him…Ties king in middle rope and goes to work on him.
  • Cole back in and whips the tied up Lawler. Swagger back in…works over Lawler..goes for his patented splash but Lawler moves…Lawler gets in some offense..chop block by Swagger…ANKLE LOCK!! JR tries to whoop Swagger..Swagger turns around…Lawler from behind..ties in JR…JR with the strap to Swagger…JR WITH THE ANKLE LOCK!! Swagger with a leaping tag to Cole..Cole and JR now…JR with Cole’s head in to the turnbuckle…JR with a shoulder block on Cole…now he’s whipping him in the ass…JR with an ankle lock on JR now…Swagger comes in for the save but a low blow for him…COLE ROLLS UP JR!!! 1, 2, 3!!!
  • Winners – Jack Swagger and Michael Cole!

  • Grisham interviewing Cena backstage…Says June 20th was the last time he was WWE Champion…talks about all the adversity he’s faced since then…says tonight’s the night and he will win.
  • Cody Rhodes Vs. Rey Mysterio are next.
  • Cody out first, grabs mic talks about his paper bags…says the people here are extremely ugly…here comes Rey.
  • The bell rings and they go at it with Cody striking first. Rey makes a comeback and stops Cody with kicks. Cody slides on the mat and hits Rey with a big right hand. Rey with a head scissor takedown, throwing Cody out to the floor. Rey runs the ropes, slides out of the ring and takes Cody down by his head again. Cody walks off and Rey comes after him. Cody turns around and drops Rey with a dropkick for a 2 count. They fight up the ramp now and to the stage. Rey counters a throw and throws Cody head-first into the bottom of the big screen. Cody ends up on the floor one level down from the stage. Rey runs across the stage and leaps on Cody, crashing hard.
  • Cody and Rey go at it by the fans now with back and forth action on the barrier. They fight up the stairs and into the crowd. Cody drops Rey on the stairs and bends his legs and back over top of it. Cody beats Rey up the stairs some more and uses his mask as a weapon. Cody takes Rey up and out into the concessions area in the arena. Fans cheer on as Rey crashes Cody through a big trash can. Rey hits Cody with the big plastic lid for a 2 count. Cody comes back now and leaps off a counter top, kicking Rey in the head for a 2 count. A “holy shit” chant breaks out from the fans watching. Rey jumps from a counter top now and hits a crossbody on Cody for a 2 count. Rey works over Cody now with kicks and a knee to the head. Cody makes his way back towards the arena but Rey continues the offense.
  • Rey beats Cody down the steps and back to the ringside area. Rey charges but Cody tosses him over the barrier and hard onto the floor by the ring. Cody counters a move from Rey and drops him face-first into the steel steps for a 2 count. They come back in the ring now. Rey counters Cody and hits a springboard crossbody for a 2 count. Rey ends up on top and comes flying down at Cody with a headbutt. Another 2 count for Rey. Rey goes for 619 but Cody stands up. Rey goes back to the top for a leg drop but Cody moves. Cody kicks Rey twice below the belt as he’s hung on the ropes and then slams Rey hard on his head on the mat. Another 2 count for Cody. Cody stomps on Rey in the corner.
  • Cody takes Rey back to the top and works him over. Rey comes back, spits a green mist in Cody’s eyes and knocks Cody to the mat and into position for 619. Rey hits it and follows up with the big splash from the ropes for the pin and the win, in the middle of the ring.

    Winner – Rey Mysterio

  • We show Layla backstage with the rest of the Divas…She says she knows they don’t like her, but she’s sorry…Kelly Kelly says they like McCool a lot less
  • Michael Cole is back in the Cole Mine…he says he’s a wrestler by day, announcer by night…he’s like the Bruce Wayne of WWE…
  • Layla Vs. Michelle McCool loser leaves WWE match is next.
  • We go to the ring and out first comes Michelle McCool. Layla is out next. Layla poses during her entrance and McCool attacks her, starting the match. McCool brings it back in the ring, kicks Layla in the head for a 2 count. McCool talks trash now. Layla tackles her and unloads with right hands. Layla charges but falls out of the ring as McCool moved. Layla drags her to the floor and slams McCool’s head into the announcer’s table. Layla charges but McCool sidesteps and pushes her into the table. McCool works Layla over now.
  • McCool brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Layla finally makes a comeback and McCool begs her to stop. McCool hits a nice counter for a 2 count. They end up back on the floor and Layla lays McCool out on top of the fan barrier. Layla picks her up but McCool counters and slams Layla face first into the floor. McCool brings it back in the ring, talking trash to Layla. Layla goes to the second rope and hits a blockbuster type move for a 2 count. McCool with the offense now and another 2 count. McCool goes for her finisher but Layla counters and gets out of it. Layla with a neckbreaker for a 2 count as McCool got her foot up on the ropes.
  • More back and forth action and a 2 count for McCool. They trade offense on the mat now and McCool comes out on top with a 2 count. McCool rolls Layla up but Layla counters it with a backslide of her own for the pin and the win, causing McCool to leave WWE.
  • Winner – Layla

  • After the match, both girls are crying. Layla leaves the ring…Michelle is left in the ring crying. Kharma’s music hits and she walks out slowly and stalks the ring. She gets in and stalks McCool…McCool pleads with her, but to no avail…Implant buster on McCool…Kharma laughs an evil laugh as we show the Divas looking on worried in the locker room.
  • We’re shown Del Rio in the back getting ready for his match…that’s coming up next.
  • Del Rio’s music hits and he drives out in $160K Mazaradi…He walks to the ring, and looks at the ladder. Next up is Christian…
  • They go at it with Del Rio getting the upperhand early on in the match. Del Rio goes to leave the ring but Christian unloads with shots to the back. Christian comes off the second rope and drops Del Rio. Christian goes out to get a ladder but Del Rio stops him, slamming his head into the apron. Del Rio continues the offense before kicking Christian under the ring to where we can’t see him. Del Rio gets a ladder as Christian slides out from the other side of the ring. Christian runs and dropkicks the ladder into Del Rio. Christian sets a ladder up in the ring now as Del Rio comes in. Christian climbs but Del Rio brings him back to the mat hard.
  • Del Rio climbs now but Christian pushes the ladder over. Del Rio lands on his feet and kicks Christian to the mat. Del Rio with a dropkick to the head. Del Rio puts the boot to Christian now. Del Rio charges with a ladder but Christian knocks them down. Christian dumps Del Rio out of the ring. Christian picks up a ladder but Del Rio trips him with it. Del Rio pulls Christian to the floor and whips him into the steel steps. Del Rio sets a ladder up between the apron and the announcer’s table. They go at it trading shots. Del Rio tries to suplex Christian on the propped up ladder. Christian counters and tries to slingshot Del Rio under the ladder and into the bottom side of it. Del Rio counters and sends Christian into the corner of the steel steps. Del Rio throws Christian into the ladder but he ducks and slides under it. Christian sets Del Rio on the ladder and climbs to the top rope. Del Rio pushes him off but he lands on his feet on a ladder. Christian leaps off the ladder with a crossbody. Christian goes back in the ring now and climbs for the title. Del Rio runs in and stops him, pulling him down to the mat. Del Rio slams Christian’s head into one of the ladder legs. Del Rio props a ladder up in the corner now and kicks Christian in the head. Christian fights back with right hands. Del Rio turns it back around and goes for the armbreaker but Christian counters. Christian goes for Killswitch but it’s countered. More back and forth until Christian throws Del Rio frontside first into the ladder in the corner.
  • Christian sends a ladder into Del Rio again and he goes down outside of the ring. Christian sets a ladder up and climbs for the title again. Del Rio comes in with a ladder and throws it at Christian, stopping him from climbing. Del Rio climbs the ladder with Christian and hits an armbreaker combo from half-way up the ladder. Del Rio mounts Christian with right hands. Del Rio works over Christian’s arm now. Del Rio uses a ladder on Christian’s arm and sets a ladder up in the corner. Del Rio rams Christian back into the ladder. He charges with another ladder but Christian moves and Del Rio collides with ladders in the corner. Christian stands up another ladder to retrieve the belt. Del Rio stops him again and ends up on the apron. Christian charges but Del Rio blocks him. Del Rio tries to suplex Christian onto the ladder that’s still between the announcer’s table and the apron. Christian counters and backdrops Del Rio onto a ladder that’s inside the ring. Del Rio kicks Christian from the top, causing him to fall hard on top of a ladder.
  • Del Rio stomps on Christian and climbs the ladder to get the title. Christian stops him and pushes the ladder over. Del Rio responds with a kick to the head and an elbow drop. Del Rio kicks Christian out of the ring now. Ricardo Rodriguez gives Del Rio a chair. Del Rio puts it around Christian’s arm and tries to push him into the ring post. Christian counters and sends Del Rio into the post. Christian comes in the ring now and the crowd gets hype. Christian calls for a spear and the crowd chants for it. Christian spears Del Rio, paying a tribute to Edge. Christian stands up a ladder and gets ready to go back for the title. Christian climbs but Del Rio pulls his legs from inside the rungs. Christian’s body is stuck in the ladder now. Del Rio climbs the ladder. Christian finally escapes and pushes Del Rio off the ladder and back into the corner. Christian grabs a ladder but Del Rio kicks it into his face. Christian lays on the ladder between the apron and announcer’s table now. Del Rio climbs to the top and goes for an elbow drop. Christian rolls off the ladder and Del Rio lands hard on the ladder.
  • Christian crawls in the ring and sets up the ladder now as Del Rio tries to recover at ringside. Christian climbs the ladder but Brodus Clay comes out. Christian is hanging from the belt as Clay removes the ladder. Clay takes Christian down from the belt and puts him on his shoulder. Christian counters, slams Brodus into the ladder and knocks him out of the ring. Del Rio comes from behind and lays out Christian. Del Rio applies the armbreaker and Christian taps out but that won’t end the match. Christian rolls out of the ring as Del Rio looks up at his destiny. Del Rio stands a ladder up and climbs it. Edge appears driving a Jeep and honks the horn, distracting Del Rio. Del Rio is knocked by Christian off the ladder, onto the floor and Clay and Rodriguez. Edge runs down to ringside and cheers on Christian. Christian climbs up the ladder to retrieve the belt and win the World Heavyweight Title.
  • Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion – CHRISTIAN!

  • After the match, Edge and Christian celebrate…The fans love it, a great moment reminiscent of Eddie and Benoit
  • Miz and Riley in the back, Riley tries to encourage the champ by using his catch phrase…Miz yells at Riley…
  • Next up is a Lumberjack Tag match for the Tag team titles. Kane and Show Vs. Ezekial Jackson and Wade Barret
  • Barret and Show start…Show works on Barrett for a bit…throws Barret to the outside, the rest of Corre at ringside make sure none of the other lumberjacks touch Barret…Kane gets in on the action and works on Barrett…Big show back in and a lumberjack pulls down the rope as he falls to the outside…lumberjacks do some work on Show and it takes a bunch of them to throw him back in the ring…Jackson with an impressive slam on Show…Barrett tags himself in much to the dislike of Jackson…Barrett waits for Show…Show counters in to the chokeslam and the 3 count…
  • Winners and still tag team champions – Big Show and Kane

  • After the match the lumberjacks brawl on the outside as Gabriel and Slater try a sneak attack on Show and Kane…which failed.
  • cage lowering now…Main event time!!
  • The bell rings and Miz climbs the cage. Morrison and Cena bring him down and start double teaming him around the ring. Morrison and Cena go at it now with Morrison hitting dropkicks on Cena. Miz gets up and clotheslines Morison and then throws Cena into the steel. Miz throws Morrison into the steel now.
  • Miz continues to use the steel on Morrison and Cena. Cena comes back and suplexes Miz. Morrison comes up and takes out Cena for a 2 count. Action on the side of the cage now. Morrison goes down as Miz and Cena fight it out on the top rope. Cena with a bulldog from the top rope. Morrison gets up but Cena hits shouldrs. Cena with the big back drop. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Morrison. Miz comes from behind and drops Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale. Morrison leaps up the cage to the top with one leg over it. Miz stops him and tries to bring him back in. Morrison and Miz sit on top of the cage now, trading shots. Miz gets both feet over the top of the cage but Morrison brings him back over almost. Cena comes up the cage now. Cena and Morrison double suplex The Miz from the top of the cage down to the mat.
  • All three are down now. Morrison gets up first and climbs the cage. Cena tries to stop him. Morrison sends Cena to the mat and flies off the cage, kicking Miz. Morrison takes Cena down with a nice move for a 2 count. Miz gets up but Morrison hits him from behind and throws him into the corner. Morrison climbs the cage again. Miz grabs him and powerbombs him into the cage wall. Miz hits a big running boot on Morrison’s face. He charges Cena but Cena locks on the STF. Miz crawls towards the cage door, while locked in the STF and the door is opened. Miz crawls out of the ring but Cena pulls him back in. Cena tries to climb out now but Miz drags him back in. Cena kicks Miz off and slams him with a big underhook suplex. Morrison and Cena go at it now. Morrison leaps up the cage but Cena comes after him. Morrison and Cena fight it out on top of the cage now. Miz tries to leave the cage door but Morrison kicks it shut in his face. Morrison stands on the cage door as it swings. Cena punches Morrison and he falls with the cage door between his legs. Miz pulls Morrison in by his leg but Morrison hangs on with his body hanging. Morrison kicks his way back in the cage. Cena tosses him across the ring. More back and forth action. Miz DDT’s Cena but only gets a 2 count. Miz with a big boot in Cena’s face now.
  • Miz has the chance to escape but continues to work over Cena. As Miz is rubbing Cena’s face into the cage, Morrison makes it over the cage but not to the floor. Miz comes over and stops him. They fight on top of the cage again. Miz tries to leave but Morrison leaps up and grabs him. Miz and Morrison end up on the top rope now and Miz falls to the mat. Cena runs up and stops Morrison from escaping. Cena is knocked back to the mat. Morrison hits Starship Pain from the top of the cage onto Miz and Cena. Morrison looks to escape the cage door now but R-Truth comes out and hits him with a knee into the head and the steps. Truth enters the cage and shuts the door. Truth starts yelling at Morrison and punching him.
  • Truth continues to beat up Morrison and leaves him laying before leaving. Miz and Cena finally start to recover. Miz climbs the cage but Cena runs over and stops him. Miz is hanging from the cage trying to fall but Cena has him. Cena and Miz fight it out on top of the cage now, trading rights and lefts. Cena tries to escape now but Miz hangs onto him. Cena grabs Miz and hits an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope. Cena covers Miz and wins the WWE Title.
  • Winner and NEW WWE Champion – John Cena

  • Cena poses in the ring as the PPV goes black…In my opinion, GREAT PPV…Almost every match was great, my favorite being a tie between Cody/Rey and Christian/Del Rio…In my opinion, this outperformed Wrestlemania on every level…I think each gimmick helped almost every match. Thank you to every one for being with us, and thank you to Lords of Pain for helping me catch up when I fell behind…Good Night all, and We finally got Bin Laden! Great night!!!


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    1. thank go michael cole won! that means no more lawler for the rest of the pay per view


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