Raw Musings 5/2/11

– By the Great and Powerful Ringsidius Stevious

We’re just 24hrs removed from Extreme Rules, and it was (as always) a great show. Cena won, Christian won, McCool is gone and Kharma is here to whoop some Diva ass. What’ll Raw bring us? Let’s find out!

  • …they did NOT need to show pictures of the actual attacks. Other than that, best opening to Raw in a long time. Goosebumps on my arms, water in my eyes during that video. I fucking love America.
  • Isn’t it crazy that guys like Cena, Edge, and Triple H are at least 10 time World Champions, while it took Flair 25 years to do so?
  • Don’t know what the crowd popped harder for: the USA chants or Rock’s entrance.
  • Please, just stop it with Cole. I’ll do anything, just end it.
  • Take back what I said about Cole; sports heat is the best heat to get in wrestling.
  • Its ok to not discuss the PPV that just happened last night. Don’t sweat it, it’s not like anything important happened anyways. Besides, we’ve got the Rock! Yeah! And Pitbull! And the Heat Dancers! I hate this. If the Rock never came back, I’d be ok.

  • I truly hope they put JR back in the booth.
  • Truth/Morrison has only been going on for 3 weeks, but it’s been one of the better mid card feuds in recent memory.
  • This is exactly how you build a successful feud. The heel just keeps getting over on the face until the crowd is salivating for the face to get revenge. When it happens (with any luck they won’t shotgun it) Morrison is going to be money.
  • Kimmel’s studio audience not laughing at all just goes to show you how wrestling isn’t even close to be mainstream like it was 10 years ago.
  • Why don’t they just run away? Kharma is going to eat you, ladies.
  • They should leave Kharma’s music playing during her entire massacre, much like New Jack did.
  • “Who cares about a Draft?” Ha, way to put yourselves over WWE!
  • This party is very Smackdown-like. Needs more Ryder, too.
  • These celebrity birthday wishes are a monumental waste.
  • Good title match heading into the commercial. As much as I know it won’t happen, I really want a Cena heel turn heading into Mania. It needs to happen
  • I liked their Mania match, but this is the one Cena/Miz shouldve had. The crowd is super into it and it’s just plain good.
  • Oh my, a ref actually paying attention to an object in the ring?! I haven’t seen that in years.
  • Again, excellent match.
  • Can’t remember, but did I place McIntyre and Swagger into a team together when I did my random tag team article?
  • Know what sucks about Swagger/McIntyre vs Kofi/Mysterio? Pretty sure I’ve seen this on Smackdown. Draft is supposed to freshen it up, not put the guys I’ve seen wrestle each other constantly on SD wrestle each other on Raw.
  • Why on Earth are we getting Del Rio/Mysterio again? I liked it the first time, give me something new please. Not to mention they’re basing it off the fact that Rey isn’t from Mexico? C’mon Man!
  • It’s cool; not like Christian didn’t just achieve his lifelong goal of being a World Champion last night. Yeah, go ahead and waste him in another stupid Rock skit.
  • I always thought Cena said some childish things in his promos, but the Rock is just ridiculous.
  • That’s not how a DQ works, Scott Armstrong. How many times have we seen someone run in the ring to only get hit himself, thus not causing a DQ?
  • Breaking up the Corre? Check. Breaking up the Nexus? Check. Pushing the monsters of said groups over Show/Kane? Check.
  • I love how every Draft brings the same old-same old to Raw, yet Smackdown comes out looking like gold.
  • Rock looks legit surprised that Vince came out. That smile says it all.
  • The ending to this show is TNA bad.
  • If the Rock never came back, I wouldn’t care.

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  1. Oh Man, you guys just top yourselves with every post. First you say that RAW was “(as always)a great show” then proceed to say that Michael Cole is a waste, the Rock is a waste, the birthday wishes are shitty, the swagger tag match is boring, del rio and mysterio are played out, the Christian segment was a waste, and THEN write a sentence how the draft makes Raw “same old same old”

    That’s some fantastic journalism right there. “Let me make a topic sentence and than crap on it as much as possible throughout the post.”

    Is mommy paying for this site for you so you have a hobby besides masturbating to anime???

    Dorks…JEB out!

  2. We said Extreme Rules was a great show…But, I guess I shouldn’t of expected some one of your intelligence to actually read properly….

  3. …When you get the egg of your face you can come back and find more reasons to hate our site…Just do it intelligently next time…That’s all I ask! 🙂

  4. Wow way to change the post so you look better!! Real classy guys. Thank goodness only 5 people actually read your shitty posts so no one will notice.

    Grade A shitbags running this site. (No offense to your moms)

  5. When you get the cum off your face maybe you can write intelligent posts so you can double your fanbase to 10!!!

  6. Steve McGregor

    I didn’t realize Jeb can have an egg of his face. Jeb, no need to get nasty now, their writing is pure rubbish, but vulgarity shouldn’t come into play. They can’t help they are free loading Canadians. When maple syrup is a hobby, you know you live in a boring country. Good luck finding a practitioner during the week fellas, god does your health care ever suck! Anyway, I came here to throw a spanner in the works and say that Steve (smashing name) needs to learn a new concept…paragraphs! I unfortunately come to this site thinking you’ll take my suggestions into careful consideration, but sadly…no, you don’t, which is why this site will forever be a DOG’S DINNER!

  7. why do you (JEB and Steve McGregor) always to have insult the people who run this website. do you have anything better to do? i bet the guys who run this website get more pussy in one week than the two of you combined in a year. ringside and tone keep up the good work. gooey out

  8. YEAH GOOEY! YOU TELL EM! This website rocks so much and We arent gonna stand for you and the other guy saying stuff any more about it and me and my goo friend are going to protect it from you and everytime you britains make fun of them, we are gonna make fun of you and its gona be really mean.

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