SD Spoilers for 5/6/11

Get it?

Credit to every wrestling website. Ever.

* World Champion Christian comes out to open the show. He talks about winning at Extreme Rules and out comes Mark Henry then Randy Orton and The Great Khali wanting title shots. Teddy Long comes out and lets the fans vote and they choose Christian vs. Orton.

* The Great Khali is backstage talking to Jinder Mahal.

* Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan.

* We see Layla backstage with the Divas.

* Cody Rhodes comes out for an in-ring segment and his employees pass out more paper bags to the fans.

* Ezekiel Jackson beat Big Show with help from The Corre. Kane was also taken out by Corre members.

* Layla beat Alicia Fox. Kharma came down and hit the Implant Buster on Alicia.

* More problems between The Corre backstage.

* Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd with Chavo Guerrero on commentary.

* Backstage segment with Teddy Long talking about the main event.

* Randy Orton beat Christian to become the new World Heavyweight Champion in what was described as a great match. Orton celebrated after the win.


I understand putting the big belts on established guys, but really? Give someone a chance once in a while, guys.


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  1. Wow! What an original post! Smackdown spoiler and then before that TNA spoilers! Thank God for being so much different than 5000 other wrestling websites that post spoilers.

    Well at least you got Gooey licking your nutsack on here so one legit fan is pretty cool. So when you, TM “cum gargler” Chaulpa, and Gooey stop your naked game of Sodomy Twister, maybe put up a post that hasn’t been straight copy and pasted.

    Dorks JEB out!

  2. Hey…i’m a fan too! Plus if you type it into Google it tells you you meant Bob Lawler, so they get all the peeps who searched Boo and Bob Lawler….if Bob Lawler was Jerry’s cousin whould you boo him? But Honky Tonk Man man is his cousin, but maybe he’s Bob Lawler. Either way they must all be from Memphis, home of the country music hall of fame, Do you think they should build a Hall Of Fame somewhere? Probably not Memphis, maybe in a other city, like Long Island, home of the Islanders and other things like like the Long Island Iced Tea…and Zea…I like Zach Ryder.a lot


  4. Hey guys, please include your “special” friend Lionel in your game of sodomy twister. He definitely wants to hang out with you guys.

    With Gooey and Lionel, you guys are set with fans! Tell TMChalupa to get the cum off his face.

    JEB out…

  5. Steve McGregor

    Well…one thing’s certain to me now. Boolawler writers have more of a coherent thought than their number 1 fan, Lionel. If you follow the link to the following website, I’ve taken the liberty of googling the best colleges in Canada so you can, you know, learn how to write properly. It shall help immensely.

    Jeb, my only friend in all of this, let’s try to insult them like jolly gentlemen, yes? If I wanted to talk about bonking, I would fancy a trip to the pub. Having said that…..DOG’S DINNER!

  6. GOD I love you guys.

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