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It was noted at yesterday’s WWE investors call that the company will debut two new “live event television programs” in the near future. No word yet if they will be airing live events or planning some kind of TV special, but it was noted that finding them a network or home to air on won’t be a problem.- It was also noted yesterday that WWE is still looking for TV partners for NXT and Superstars.

If they’re going to have two new shows, and they’re not going to have a problem finding a TV home for them, why on Earth aren’t NXT and Superstars on TV? I can’t possibly imagine what “live event television programs” are. Are they going to start airing matches from house shows, thus negating them as house shows?

There is a place on television for Superstars, but it needs to be marketed as an enhancement show, so to speak. Don’t advertise guys like Taker and Cena if Ted DiBiase and Yoshi Tatsu are you’re top guys on the show. Essentially, make it it’s own brand. The guys on Superstars would be allowed to be featured on Raw/SD, but guys on the main shows can’t appear on Superstars. For an hour show, you’d have a solid ten man roster and would be able to go some good things. Talent must be developed before being thrown to the wolves. This is a start.

Pretty Boy might want to wrestle you.

– Tough Enough contestant Luke Robinson is featured on a gay oriented wrestling website called BG East Wrestling. According to the website’s description, it features “gay oriented wrestling videos and DVDs.”

The website contains adult-oriented subject matter and is intended to be viewed by people 21 years of age or older.

This is career threatening. While even the mere accusation of being involved with gay pornography is incredibly damaging, to be in the public eye, that kind of thing ruins lives. Although he doesn’t appear to have a ton of upside on Tough Enough, Luke may just be a raw talent that needs to be shaped into a good wrestler. However, with this story coming out, I can easily see him never going the WWE. Last year the WWE released Isis the Amazon last year. Remember her?

Hint: she's the big one.

Isis was introduced as Vickie Guerrero’s Rookie for the all-female season of NXT. Then photos leaked that she had done some non-nude fetish modeling. Isis was immediately released. Tough Enough has already finished filming, so what if Luke wins the show? Are they just going to ignore this dirty little secret? If Isis was fired for just taking pictures, and for some reason Luke is given a post-TE job, wouldn’t she have every right to sue? Regardless, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Luke on WWE television after Tough Enough ends. Perhaps he’ll head to TNA to form a tag team with Orlando Jordan?


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