Fixing the PPV Schedule Part 1

It seems that over the last two years the WWE has been playing musical chairs with it’s Pay Per Views. For the longest time we had the same PPVs in the same months. Then, out of the blue, they started adding and dropping shows left and right. Some of the moves were good, but overall it hurt the product with so many gimmick PPVs. Here is what, ideally, the WWE PPV Schedule would look like.

The Road To Wrestlemania needs to kick off with a bang, and better way than with the Royal Rumble? While the PPV itself is normally predictable, the actual Royal Rumble match itself is consistently one of the most exciting each and every year. While sometimes the winner of the match is lackluster and/or predictable (I’m looking at you, 2007 Winner Undertaker) other times it’s an absolute shock (ie 2008 John Cena) and other times it skyrockets someone to super stardom (2005 Batista/2011 Alberto Del Rio). One thing I would change, though, would be to give the Rumble winner THE main event at Mania, not just A main event on the undercard.

The February PPV was a tricky one to decide on. No Way Out was a classic name, but it doesn’t fit into my PPV calendar; it had no meaning. There is no need for unnecessary gimmick matches heading into the biggest show of the year. While I like the IDEA of the Elimination Chamber PPV, I don’t like the high probability of guys getting hurt. I’m also not a fan of how the Titles get tossed around like candy, much like how they have been tossed around at the Elimination Chamber for the last few years. This doesn’t have to be a gimmick show like it was, and to be honest, I just like the Breaking Point name.

Self explanatory; just keep it the last week of March and not the first week of April so we don’t get two PPVs on our cable bill.

This is frequently one of the highest purchased shows of the year, and is usually one of the most exciting and well received. For the Mania feuds that continue, a gimmick match is a great way to blow off a feud. Normally there isn’t a terrible match (the gimmicks hide bad wrestling), and it’s more of a throwback to the Attitude Era more than anything.

I’m hoping they keep this show around based solely off it’s name. I don’t know whether they want it in Washington DC every year, but if they don’t and end up keeping it, it should naturally be held in every state capitol. As of now there’s no information of this show and whether or not it’ll be a gimmick show. Here’s hoping it’s just a regular show with a good name.

This was a staple in the company for years, and for good reason. It catapulted the careers of guys like Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar, others like Mabel and Billy Gunn flopped hard. This tournament is a great way to launch the next big things in the WWE, much like winning Money in the Bank or the Rumble can. I’d bring it back as a 16 man tournament, eight from Raw and eight from Smackdown. Have the qualifiers and Quarter Finals take place on television, and the Semi and Finals on the PPV. The key is to make sure the Finals are Raw vs Smackdown. And to the winner: a WWE or World Heavyweight Title match at Summerslam. This will give the winner some solid build up to the title match at Summslam.

Check back tomorrow for part two!!


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