Fixing the PPVs part Duex

Yesterday I went over the half of the WWE PPV calendar, switching things up a bit more to my liking. For a quick recap, it went: Rumble, Breaking Point, Mania, Extreme Rules, Capital Punishment, and the King of the Ring. Let’s start with jumping right into July.

I’ve always liked the styling of the Great American Bash. The stars, the stripes, the Patriotism, everything. It’s a shame our nation’s birthday isn’t later in the month, because holding the Bash on Independence Day/Weekend would be the ultimate for this show. I’m also a mark for the red, white, and blue ring ropes.

A cornerstone of the WWE. I like the idea of keeping in Los Angeles every year, and the way it’s promoted as almost as important as Mania.

Say what you will, but I loved this concept. The WWE is supposed to always be about the fans, and this was the ultimate for us. Well, except for the final Cyber Sunday where they charged via text. I say bring it back, as it was new and innovative. It keep all of us (and the wrestlers too, apparently) on our toes as to what was happening next. My only suggestion to improve the show would to not obviously tell us what to vote for. Do we want Cena/Orton in a debate, arm wrestling, or a STREET FIGHT!!! At least make it a little less obvious.

I struggled greatly with this one. I originally choose War Games, but didn’t want a huge tag match right before Survivor Series. As long as they keep the brands totally separate, this PPV concept works. Instead of the standard massive brand vs brand tag match, have it simple: Champ vs Champ. IC vs US, WWE vs World, Divas Champ vs Number One Diva from the other show, and the same with the Tag Titles.

Ah yes, another classic. It seems like the WWE keeps trying to kill it, but we just won’t let them. Good for us.

And to end the year on a bang, why not feature EVERY title and actually make them seem important for a change? The NoC concept is a good one, and one that should be heavily promoted as one of the more important nights in the WWE. Now that they consolidated the Tag and Women’s/Diva titles, it leads to more time on the show. With only six matches on the card, it gives everyone enough time to showcase to the WWE Universe why they deserve their title.

There it is, kids. Money in the Bank was removed because it’s unnecessary. Sitting at Wrestlemania this year, I greatly missed not being able to see that match at the biggest show. Hell in a Cell and the Elimination Chamber shows are also gone because it makes it near impossible to hold these matches throughout the year if you have an entire show dedicated to them. They haven’t added the desired buyrates, so they’re just being wasted.


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