Morrison/World Title Backlash/Zeke

Excuse me, miss, please come down.

— John Morrison is expected to be sidelined for several months after undergoing surgery on his injured neck today, reports

WWE orchestrated an angle last Monday on Raw where R-Truth ambushed John Morrison just prior to their scheduled match. He attacked Morrison again, leaving him immobile on the entrance ramp. The angle was set up in case Morrison needed surgery or time off. He was pulled from this weekend’s tour so the severity of his injuries could be examined.

I figured last week’s angle was just that: nothing more than an angle. This is terrible timing for all involved; Edge going down and CM Punk possibly leaving. Especially after reading this:

A source indicates that Vince McMahon made the decision to put a spotlight back on Morrison once it was confirmed that Edge would be retiring. Vince felt that WWE needed a top babyface with an “exciting rock star” attitude like Edge had.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Morrison wasn’t going to be main eventing consistently in the near future, but I could’ve at least seen one WWE Title match on PPV. Hopefully Morrison has a speedy recovery and his parkour skills will still be intact upon his return.

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...close enough.

WWE officials have been surprised at the uproar of criticism from fans after Christian lost the World Heavyweight Title to Randy Orton. Officials weren’t expecting there to be such a backlash against Orton.

It wouldn’t have mattered if it was Randy Orton or anyone else, the fact remains that the WWE Universe loves Christian. It was similiar to when Chris Benoit was chasing the title: everyone wanted to see it, and when it finally happened we fell more in love with him, we believed in him. And to just strip it away from him with no rhyme or reason, it’s heartbreaking for the Peeps. Whomever won the title from Christian last week would’ve gotten just as much hate for it.


Ezekiel Jackson worked as a babyface at Saturday night’s WWE SmackDown! live event in Pensacola, Florida, teaming with WWE Tag Team Champion Kane. The monstrous duo beat Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who portraying sneaky heels. Kane chokeslammed Slater for the win.

I half expected this. It seems like the Nexus and Corre are running parallel angles right now: you can’t control the big man is the main theme. Perhaps Punk will tell his guys to attack Mason Ryan tonight and potentially turn him face. It’s curious to see where both angles end up. Zeke was great as a big, badass face after he turned on Regal and Koslov way back when, hopefully we could see more of that. I don’t, however, anticipate a face turn to lead to a monster push for him.


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  1. Zeke will have a short run as a face.

  2. Do you think Ezekiel Jackson is going to be a good face?

  3. Hey TMChalupa, how bout instead of commenting on your own website, you actually POST something. Your boyfriend Sodomysteve seems to do all the work while you sit there and fantasize about Kharma sitting on your face.

    Earn your mom’s $3 and contribute you lazy fuck.

    JEB out!!

  4. John Morrison sucks….that is all.

  5. but what about Ezekiel Jackson?

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