TNA Impact Musings (wait what?) 5/12/11

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Well, at least for the final half hour of Impact Impact Wrestling. We only sparingly watch TNA, so I’m pretty unfamiliar with most things going on here. Let’s go!

– We jump right in to the 25 Man Battle Royal to crown a new #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
– The fact that the first eliminations in this Battle Royal were two Brits is outstanding. Let alone from someone who was born and raised from our very own state!
– Ink Inc should be forced to get haircuts; those things could easily be used as a weapon.
– Is Eric Young still portraying a semi-retard after like eight years?
– I don’t like how they play four seconds of music heading into the commercial. Yeah, I know it’s a taped show, but it makes it that much more obvious.

GoDaddy commercials are the worst.
AC/DC is still around?

– Mick Foley joins us for commentary, and he, Tazz, and Mike Tenay quickly talk about baseball. What?
– I do enjoy how they advertise pretty much every PPV match and really focus on how important the Champion/Challengers are.
– Matt Hardy looks so different from when I last saw him in WWE. He’s actually in shape.
– Matt Morgan threw out about 8 guys. He tosses our Hernandez as Mike Tenay talks about it, then Scott Steiner tosses Morgan out. Tenay barely reacts. If you’re going to talk him up like a star, make it a big deal when he loses.
– Of the final 8 guys in the ring, 7 were in the WWE and, with the exception of The Pope, had considerable success there. Remember when TNA make it’s own stars? Coincidentally, the only non-WWE guy is AJ Styles.

– I can’t believe Tommy Dreamer is a heel. I just can’t get over it.
– Chyna got in that very slow and awkwardly. And those juggs are massive…
– So it comes down to Bully Ray and Mr Anderson. He’s done such a good job from what I’ve seen as a huge heel, I could easily see Bully Ray headlining a PPV.
– Mr Anderson wins! Any reason why he wrestles with a shirt on?
– These post match/end of the show super high gloss “reaction” pieces kill the show. It’s like we’re riding this high from the final moments in the ring, and then it just falls flat with the reaction.


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