Chris Jericho Return Update

More like Y2Crazy, amirite?

Most people within WWE feel that Chris Jericho is trying to keep his WWE return date a secret and that it will be “several months” before he returns. However, with WWE suffering from talent depth issues right now, some believe Jericho will be back sooner than later to work a limited schedule around his other projects.

This would be huge for the WWE. Despite being the undisputed top heel in the company, it seemed like no one wanted Jericho to leave at all. With so many guys leaving, getting hurt, and the roster as a whole thinning out via the Draft, Jericho (and his star power) are needed now more than ever. A reduced schedule would work; house shows aren’t necessary for everyone.

If he were to return, let’s say immediately after Over the Limit, I’d say put him on Raw, feud him with Alberto Del Rio. It seems Del Rio is being left in the dust and a feud with Jericho would prepare him for the inevitable feud with John Cena. And Jericho is so versatile; he can be a brilliant heel and a lovable face and can be thrown into the mix on either show.

In 1999 he came to the WWE in order to “save it” from mediocrity, he claimed. It was all part of the gimmick twelve years ago. Right now if he returned, he would genuinely be saving the WWE.


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