Raw Musings 5/16/11

Mmmm. Cake.

– One of my favorite things about WWE is their video packages. UFC and other companies should take note.
– I think Riley should learn how to shave properly…His upper lip is all red…Either that, or he has herpes.
– Cheap sports heat ALWAYS works. Riley is pretty good on the mic.
– Anonymous GM is getting REAAALLLL old. Just hurry up and make it Michael Cole already…I wonder how much Apple is shelling out for Cole to plug ipads every week.

– That Sonic Ring leader burger looks quite scrumptious.
– Why does Kofi still come out to Jamaican music and wear those trunks when they clearly dropped that gimmick a while ago.
– Punk fighting Kofi now in the first match? Wonder if he’ll have a spot on the PPV.
– Finally Punk grabs a mic. It’s been a while. No excuse for him not cutting a promo every week.
– I still hate the haircut…but Ziggler looks damn good in a suit. (yes homo)

– I’d fuck Kharma. Just saying. I like to be dominated.
– Remember when WWE tried convincing us that Kelly Kelly would fuck Mike Knox?
– Bella’s got some flat asses. No like.
– I am literally excited to see That’s what I am tomorrow…Thank GOD for Netflix.
– Weird ending. Sloppy, but what else is new….
– What do you do Brie? RUN!!! Dumb bitch.
– Kharma’s music is pretty bad ass I must say.
– That implant buster was niiiiiiiice.
– I thought Kharma was about to give Kelly the shocker….Now THAT would of = ratings.
– My girlfriend wants Miz to pick Tyler Reks. I can’t say I disagree.

– Denise from the Taco Bell commercials is back…I know every one else is as excited as I am.
– That kid was probably as hard as a rock filming that kiss scene. I know I was watching it.
– Buenos Noches Ray!!!
– Oh shit, a Cholo calling out a brother! This is gonna be good…(As I typed that Cole took the words out of my mouth.)

– Instead, we get Cholo on Cholo crime…again. I’ll take it. I had to make sure I wasn’t watching Tele Mundo for a second…I’ve made that mistake before.
– I love the whites in the crowd popping for Ray cutting a promo in Spanish.
– Del Rio needs the strap. Soon. Dude is just to money.
– CRAZY BLACK MAN IN THE STANDS!!! I love how he wears all black now.
– This feud is gonna be money. It’s perfect.
– I bet Miz doesn’t pick any of the guys he’s talking to…

– Contract signing. How long can they drag this one out for?
– Kiss my foot match? This feud just gets worse and worse.
– Jerry Lawler doesn’t like Swagger because he has none…
– Maybe Swagger will finally turn face now.
– They blew that…Way to talk in to the Mic Swagger…
– Twice now Lawler used Cole’s tie…I just wish he’d get the Daniel Bryan treatment.
– I love WWE’s anti-bullying campaign…Isn’t wrestling all about bullying?

– When’s the last time Otunga had a real match? Been a real as far as I can remember…
– I actually Miss Skip Sheffield…Hope he comes back to the main roster.
– Just change his name to Joe Hennig…Please?
– Miz is talking to R-Truth now…Truth = ratings. America loves crazy black men.

– Good stuff from Kane. Very underrated all around.
– ZACK RYDER APPEARANCE! I’m getting used to these!!
– Randy will still go to the papers if he has to…

– No holds barred? Where’s ZEUS! Maybe Zeus will fight Cena!
– Swagger? Really? What a let down.
– I am now taking donations..Proceeds will go to try and convince Orton to shave that GOD awful beard.

– The best action was during the break…Good stuff.
– I think all heels with out gimmicks should wear suits. Just classy.
– Jack Swagger smokes cigarettes. I seen it at Mohegan Sun. He also loves whores.
– I miss chair shots to the head. Stupid concussion awareness.
– Sloppy Swagger…He’s going to hear about that…Last thing WWE needs is for Cena to get hurt.
– I do appreciate Cena wearing Jordan’s.
– I miss the STFU…That was a pretty bad ass name.
– Riley is a darn good bitch.
– Pipes always get the job done. I know from experience.
– ANAL RAPE is certainly what Miz is talking about.
– Real talk from John Cena.


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