TNA Fires “First Shot”

That was the billboard seen by WWE employees (and everyone, really) in Stamford today. It’s a not so subtle shot at the WWE, who recently took the “wrestling” out of it’s name. Some websites are reporting that it’s just a coincidence that a TNA billboard ended up down the street from WWE Headquarters, but being realistic, it’s not. I’ve lived in Connecticut my entire life, I’ve been all over the country, and I’ve never once seen a billboard advertising pro wrestling. Kudos to TNA for trying something new with their advertising, and to get people talking. Yes, everyone is talking about the billboard today, but in the long run what will it do? I can’t imagine the money they spent on it will go to good use, and most likely it’ll end up as another monetary loss.

“While the name change is subtle, it is also very powerful. TNA is proud to be in the wrestling business, and not afraid to say it. And, to emphasize our commitment we have added the word ‘wrestling’ to our already well-known ‘iMPACT!’ brand,” said TNA chief marketing officer Al Ovadia.

In addition to re-branding IMPACT WRESTLING, TNA is launching the tagline, “WRESTLING MATTERS,” a statement that reflects every aspect of TNA Wrestling, from program content to marketing to live events.”

That’s from the press release concerning the name change. I’ve watched a good amount of TNA over the last nine years; not on a consistent basis, but enough to make to a rational judgment on it. While a good portion of the in ring action is good, there’s a lot of just bad wrestling. Throw in the passionless commentary, the pathetic drawn out storylines, and the reliance on gimmicks, it severely degrades the product. Maybe things will be different now that they’re putting the wrestling back in wrestling, but if the same people are booking the show, not much will change.

I’ll tune in on Thursday and give it an honest try, but my hopes and expectations aren’t that high.


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  1. Steve McGregor

    How the lies pile up. You say you’re from Canada, yet here you say you’ve lived in Connecticut your whole life. I should’ve known you were some pretentious lowlife American. Judging by your awful writing, a Canadian would piss themselves they would if ever subjected to it. You and your brother and/or friend TMCellupica (or TMChalupa courtesy of my new friend Jeb) are totally full of codswallop! GENTS, PLEASE TAKE A CLASS IN WRITING!
    I’ve taken the liberty of listing the colleges near you, maybe you both can learn how to write there! If you ever had the joy of writing for the same paper/magazine I do, you’d a been sacked long ago! I’ve even written for the news on the telly; I’m quite successful! My age has nothing to do with trying to bestow my years of experience upon you! I’m trying to help you, and until you listen to my wonderful advice, you’ll be here writing for this internet slop…..which is a…..DOG’S DINNER!

  2. Oh Steven….How I’ve missed you. We were waiting to see how long it took for you to find out the dirty, dirty truth.

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