New PPV name

Another one bites the dust

WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts announced during a commercial break at last night’s Raw taping at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas that a pay-per-view event, WWE Uprising, would be taking place at the venue on October 23.
The event was originally titled Bragging Rights.

Another good name gone; and for such a generic one. Bragging Rights was one of the better concept PPVs they offered, and I loved the Bragging Rights Trophy that the winning show won. I can only hope Uprising isn’t going to be a scaffold match themed show.

My only thought behind their reasoning for the change is that maybe they’re consolidating the Bragging Rights concept of show vs show into Survivor Series, to make the Survivor Series seem more important. Over the years Survivor Series has taken a real backseat to the other big PPVs, even so far as to being canceled twice until the WWE Universe forced them to bring it back. The two shows run similar formats anyways. They could run three Survivor Series tag matches, with the main event one being Raw vs Smackdown. If done right, no one will even notice that Bragging Rights is gone.

Or perhaps there is no reason to the change, just something Vince did on a whim. What an awful name, though. Uprising is just straight up bad, it reminds me of the last few WCW PPVs (Sin, Greed). And the Bragging Rights logo is so sweet, such a waste.


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  1. Steve McGregor

    They should have a PPV called DOG’S DINNER where Michael Cole reads your blog for 3 hours!

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