Hulk Hogan is Delusional

LOL, suck it, Brother

Last weekend Hulk Hogan did an interview with Live Audio Wrestling, which you can listen to in it’s entirety by clicking this helpful link: “Hogan LAW Interview” I must say, Hogan is off his damn rocker. The most important thing to come out of this interview is Hogan blaming Spike TV for not being available in more hotels. Take a read after the jump:

A lot of it has to do with awareness and the fact that we can get to the people. If I go into my hotel room in Chicago there are certain cable networks that are on like USA Network – there is no Spike TV. I mean a lot of it depends on who you can get to and who you can reach. There is a lot more than ‘the fans aren’t buying it; there is more to the equation and that’s a very shallow statement and that’s not a fact. The people that see it are buying it, there just aren’t enough people seeing it. That’s what it is – it’s creating awareness, a marketing plan we have to work with Spike TV and boost them up the ladder. I don’t know how many cable networks there are in the States if it’s 25 or 35, but in the paper it shows you who the top ten are, so if we can get Spike up to that number one position the whole equation would change on how many people are buying it and change the perception and someone wouldn’t say ‘no one is buying it’. Well the people that are seeing it are buying it, so it’s creating that awareness to make people more aware that the product is there and that they can get it and when they walk into a hotel in Brantford that Spike is available.

I helpfully bolded the best part of the quote. This is most likely the funniest and more ridiculous things I’ve read about TNA, or Impact Wrestling, or whatever it may be. Apparently, according to Hogan, the buyrates are so low because Spike TV isn’t in more hotels? Is he insane? The lack of PPV buys can be directly attributed to a poor product, first and foremost. The company recently did a complete makeover and really would like to stress the wrestling in the company. However on this week’s edition of Impact, the final segment is a beatdown. Not a match, but a vicious beatdown. The opening segment wasn’t an introduction into the new era of TNA, but a way to bury the best thing about TNA: the X Division. Five matches will take place, which is pretty adequate, but one of these matches features Eric Bischoff. Wait, what? Yes, Eric Bischoff is in a match.

Another reason for the lack of PPV buys is the simple fact that people cannot afford it. WWE PPVs cost $45, and in these tough economic times, you just can’t afford that. Kevin Nash did an interview around Wrestlemania of this year, and he said that fans come up to him in the airport all the time and ask when he’s going to wrestle again. At that point, Nash had just left TNA, where he’d been wrestling for nearly five years. The awareness of TNA is that far apart from the WWE. But again, this all comes back to the (shitty) product being in more homes.

There’s two things TNA can do to raise buyrates for PPVs, and being in more hotels isn’t one of them. They can drastically improve the product; from the wrestling to the backstage stuff to the promos, just completely overhaul it. And hey, since no one is buying anyways, what not lower the prices? I’d shell out $20 for a PPV, at that low of a cost what’s there to lose? If TNA was to lower the price that low, I could almost guarantee that the buyrate would nearly double.

Oh, and to Mr Hogan, Spike TV saved TNA Wrestling from death. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and blame the lack of buys on the network that saved your ass.


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  2. Steve McGregor

    Hulk Hogan is a bloody icon! How dare you sully his poor name when the most you probably have ever done is play with your todgers for crying out loud! DOG’S DINNER!

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