Impact Wrestling Musings

– I thoroughly enjoy the new set. It’s looks modern and not cartoony like the old set.
– I wouldn’t mind if the opening promo was about a new era in TNA, all about wrestling. But it’s about Bischoff wanting to get Mick Foley out of power. And eliminate the real wrestlers, the heart of TNA, the X Division.
– Hmm, not one TNA logo anywhere in the Impact Zone. Curious…
– Kendrick and Bischoff going back and forth on the mic, with obvious crowd noise piped in for Kendrick.
– Well this beatdown was unnecessarily long.

– I have since eaten dinner, thus missing the 6 Knockout Tag match and Ahbyss winning the X Division title. Way to showcase your X-Division, guys!
– Joe v Red is next. Worst part of this squash was Joe selling the only punch Red threw. The boy sure is a great bump machine, though.
– Crimson makes the save for Red and Joe runs off. Remember when Samoa Joe was regarded at the best wrestler in the world? What happened to that guy?

– AJ in the ring to talk in a neck brace. Dreamer comes out in a suit (wait, what?) to talk some more. Not a fan of heel Dreamer, it’s not believable. I did like what Dreamer said after he attacked AJ. A good old fashioned promo about how the fans just want too much and don’t care about the wrestler.
– I’m so impressed with the transformation of Bully Ray. I complain about TNA a lot, but if they put Bully Ray into the main event scene, I couldn’t say a bad thing.

– Asking the fans what wrestling means to them is a cool little thing. But when you ask this bald and he’s putting over wrestling so hard, he’s shaking his head no the entire time. Coincidence?
– Kurt Angle challenges Jeff Jarrett…again. What’s this, like eight months now?
– Far too much profanity from Kurt, it’s not real coming from him.
– What’s with Angle’s awkward psycho grin that he somehow maintains for this entire segment?
– Karen Jarrett in a wheelchair rises up through the stage, which was pretty sweet.
– Two very long non-wrestling segments back to back. No wrestling for 20 mins. Yep.

– I can’t decide if I like the fact that in every backstage segment, the wrestlers are being spyed on.
– Generation Me v Matt Hardy/Eric Bishcoff. GenMe double teamed Hardy for far more than five seconds. That’s just poor rule enforcing.
– Pretty good match; hate to use the comparison because it’s been done to death, but GenMe are exactly like the Hardyz when the first debuted.
– Angelina Love reminds me of a cross between a sex doll and CC Deville.

– Any reason why Eric Young carries around the old TNA World Title?
– Oh hey look, Flair and Roode in the ring, and they’re…talking.
– Oh hey look, another beatdown that lasts too long.

What a shitty show.


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  1. Seems like you guys shut it off before Sting decided he wants to come out and talk a bunch and have Mr. Kenne—Anderson come out for a typical TNA confrontation.

  2. A man can only take so much.

  3. ringsidesteve

    cant lie…i totally did.

  4. Dont worry, its not like Anderson dressed up as Old School STing and attacked him.

    The type of segment TNA has done with Sting about 6-7 hundred times.

  5. It’s funny…because when we saw “Sting” get out of the limo…Ringside went “I bet that’s Kennedy..” (Kennedy still sounds better)

  6. Unless they dress him up in a suit and have him feud with Keanu Reeves, ill never take him seriously anytime he calls himself Mr. Anderson.


    His 1st name should be Kennedy and his last one should be Anderson

  8. Steve McGregor

    Once again Lionel being stupid. So you comment on something you haven’t even seen. I might as well put a review of the Hangover Part 2 on here, oh wait, it didn’t come to cinema yet! This site is what a canine would have for supper, aka a DOG’S DINNER!

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