WWW…you knew it


Zack Ryder’s online promotional efforts have not gone unnoticed by WWE officials as he is expected to receive an increased presence on television going forward.

Well, finally. It’s good that he might be getting a regular spot on Raw; just goes to show you what hard work and perseverance can do. I love the Z! True Long Island Story, but it does get tiring to watch him complain every week about not getting any serious airtime. Ryder is great in the ring, just watch his ECW Title match against Christian last year. He’s great on the mic and unbelievably creative. Not to mention the most innovative ring attire ever. Hopefully this rumor turns out to be true and not just a tease.

Or perhaps they’re just doing this to shut him and the Internet Wrestling Community up. I could fully understand their rationale if that was their reasoning. Why have this guy running around online complaining about not using him every week, when you can throw him on Raw and bury him instead? I hope it doesn’t happen, but they could just throw Ryder on Raw every week to get squashed.

Time will tell on this one, fair readers. But if it’s true, where does this leave Curt Hawkins?


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