R.I.P Macho Man Randy Savage

At 9:25AM this morning in Tampa, Florida, we lost a legend. Randy was killed in an automobile accident after suffering a heart attack behind the wheel. Macho Man was one of my favorites growing up, and he was responsible for one of my first memories as a Wrestling fan. I’ll never forget the Wrestlemania 7 match between him and The Ultimate Warrior. Those two told a great story during that match. R.I.P Mach….We’ll never forget, brother.


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  1. Fuck…man! 😦

    This is really a fuckin’ hard day, to think one of my childhood heroes is dead. He is the fuckin Macho Man…I am hit pretty hard by this and never thought I would be.

  2. This is a really really really really really sad day for me. my favorite wrestler ever Jay Lethal was based on the Macho Man. 😦

  3. Steve McGregor

    Tis a sad day for all gents, a night at the pub is planned! Cheers mates!

  4. I will for sure be toasting to The Macho Man tonight! Cheers!

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