SD Spoilers for 5/27

World Champion Randy Orton opens the show but is interrupted by Christian. He talks about Over the Limit and challenges Orton to another match. Sheamus and Mark Henry both interrupt. Teddy Long comes out and says the same guys are still arguing about a title shot. Christian vs. Henry vs. Sheamus is booked for tonight’s main event.

* Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero in their rematch from Sunday. This was better than the pay-per-view match.

* Cody Rhodes and his employees brought out more brown bags. Cody insulted the crowd until he was interrupted by Daniel Bryan to a pretty big pop from his homestate crowd.

* Daniel Bryan beat Cody Rhodes with the LaBell Lock. After the match, Cody Rhodes attacked him, layed him out with a CrossRhodes and put a brown bag over his head.

* Booker T enters the ring and invites Michael Cole in. Booker talked about Cole losing to Jerry Lawler at OTL and applauded him for apologizing on RAW. Booker wants Cole to apologize to the SmackDown fans. Booker played Cole by ducking his handshake and showing a pic of Lawler’s foot in his face. Booker gave Cole mints like Lawler did on RAW.

* Backstage interview with Christian.

* Kane defeated The Great Khali. Jinder Mahal came out after the match and shoved Ranjin Singh. Khali went to help Ranjin up but ended up crushing him with the vice grip. Mahal and Khali left together.

* Ezekiel Jackson beat Heath Slater by DQ when The Corre interfered while Zeke was controlling the match.

* Backstage interview with Sheamus talking about the main event.

* Tamina and Alicia Fox beat AJ Lee and Kaitlyn, who had Natalya at their side. Alicia hit the axe kick for the win.

* Sheamus defeated Mark Henry and Christian to become the new #1 contender to Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Title.

-Looks like a really good show. Cody Rhodes has been on a roll, even without having any real direction. The paper bag gimmick is an instant classic and not something that’ll soon be forgotten. I’m sure he and Bryan have a great match.
-I’m on the fense about whether Christian already being out of the title picture is good or not. The heel side seems a bit top heavy, so I don’t know how quickly they intend on turning him, if at all.
-I’m a big Sheamus fan and am happy he’ll be in the main event at the PPV.
-Great Khali goes heel, still can’t find a reason to care for him.
-The continuation of Zeke/Corre is interesting, and I hope it doesn’t just end on a random night.


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