RAW Musings 5/30/11

– We start with a tribute to the troops….
– Now R-truth in the merchandise area…and…Technical difficulties…Great..The Best part of Raw each week and we can’t hear a word….
– Gets even worse…We hear Truth talking to a row of Cena kids….but his mouth isn’t moving….Audio is ahead by at least 5 seconds…horrible….I haven’t seen any thing this bad in a while….Out comes Cena….
– This is only the second time I’ve seen technical difficulties on Raw. Considering they do 51 live shows a year, it’s ok in my book to screw up once every six years.
– Finally we’re back after Cena confronts Truth about calling every one Jimmy….
– CENA GON’ GIT GOTTTT!!!! That officially makes it his catchphrase as he said it twice.

– Ok, so now we get Ziggler vs Kofi. It’ll no doubt be good…because I saw this feud over the IC Title last year. But hey, Dolph is blond again!
– Really good match thus far. Wonder if anybody on Raw watched SD and realized, “Hey, we should do this too.”
– The fact that Cole and King are buddy buddy again is very off-putting. You built up Cole as this absolutely despicable human being, and then have him jump back in like nothing was ever wrong. It’s a shame WWE can’t finish what it started.

– Whoa whoa whoa, are Cole and King actually putting over the guys in the ring?! And they’re doing a good job of it?! I knew Dolph was a great amateur wrestler at Kent, but didn’t know about the high school stuff. Kudos.
– Really good match between Zigglers and Kofi, good to see Dolph get the win; I was nervous he’d get lost amongst everyone on Raw.

– Del Rio getting a good face pop.
– Very…very long recap video of Show getting run over. In my opinion, it was long enough to ruin the flow of the show.
– Good thing Del Rio is awesome, and a natural on the mic, because he saved the segment.

– Is Little Guido only allowed to ref Divas matches?
– I’ll consider Kelly’s belt falling off as stripping. She was and exhibitionist, after all.
– Hmm, couldn’t care less who wins Tough Enough. Neither was impressive, and I hate that smirk Luke always has on his face.

– Why does Miz feel the need to speak through his teeth? And when’s the last time Riley has been on Smackdown, the show he was drafted to?
– Nothing says terrible booking like having a guy who’s jobbed out for the last six months to EVERYBODY beat down the former WWE Champion. C’mon guys…really?
– Michael Cole is very animated in this Alex Riley segment. I like it. I do not like, however, how Cole is only half-heel in the booth but total heel in the ring.
– Must say, I’m starting to like Alex Riley. He’s got some upside.

– Haven’t heard anything recently on CM Punk’s contract negotiations, but I’m hoping he sticks around. Even if it’s toiling in the mid card for right now, he’s too good to just let walk away.
– CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio is next. I’m telling you, somebody watched SD last week and was like, “Man, we can talk AND wrestle and still be a good show!” Perhaps wrestling matters here, and not just in TNA. I rolled my eyes, by the way.
– I also like the development of Mason Ryan. They’re keeping him heavily involved in all of Punk’s/Nexus’ business, but they’re not shotgunning him to super stardom. It could just be wishful thinking, but I think they’re learning that not everyone is ready for the spotlight.
– Absolutely OUTSTANDING match from Punk and Rey. Good to see Punk remaining relevant, and it’s odd that he gets a clean win over Rey (who apparently is no longer feuding with Truth?) Bottom line: that’s two of the three matches that have been GREAT tonight. Why can’t we get this all the time?

– It’s Kharmageddon!
– Such a girly voice she has. Would like to see her stay in character right now.
– I do like the history lesson, it’s a shame the WWE likes to rewrite and erase certain things from history. It’s so rich.
– Kharma’s pregnant. At first I didn’t like it, but now I do like how she broke character. It only rallied the crowd behind her that much more.
– First Rock/Cena, now Kharma/Bellas. WWE is really into building up their matches nowadays.

– Curious to know why they keep ragging on Omaha.
– Oh my, ANOTHER developing under card feud? Love it.
– We’ve seen everyone do push ups in the ring, but I’ve never seen someone do push ups off of his opponent. Swaggerwagon is awesome.
– Good match between Swagger/Bourne. Good to see them getting solid time and something to do.
– Zack Ryder sighting! They really should let him come out and proclaim himself Internet Champion, run with that and see how it goes.
– Man, I really like the Christian/Orton/World Title hype video. A lot.

– R-Truth not having any music is the best music they could’ve possibly done.
– Finally we get an R-Truth recap from earlier in the night when we had some technical difficulty.
– Good match so far, Truth is doing an outstanding job as a top heel.
– Truth wins! Truth wins! Countout victories still count, Truth wins!
– We all thought Del Rio was going to be the top antagonist for Cena, but Truth is doing a damn great job right now.

Really good Raw, in my opinion. With any luck it’ll continue for quite some time.


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