Benoit DVD news

Remember this guy?

WWEDVDNews reports that Chris Benoit is shown a few times in WWE’s upcoming DVD set on WCW Nitro, even in the same segments as Nancy “Woman” Benoit. They add that there are no full matches of Benoits and the segments where he is shown, all commentary referring to him is muted.

This is…something. As a huge Benoit fan I’m looking forward to seeing him (hopefully) in more DVDs. One of my favorite matches in WCW history was a main event of Nitro, Dean Malenko vs Chris Benoit for the number one contender’s spot to Sting’s WCW World Title. They may have been Tag Champs as well. It was just a great match all around with Benoit winning. Unfortunately it was at a time when the NWO was still running wild and they came out to destroy everyone in sight. But I digress.

Chris Benoit was a huge part of pro wrestling in America. From ECW to WCW to the WWE, he went everywhere there was to go. I understand there is no forgiving nor forgetting what he did, but it may be time to start slowly integrating him back into memory. Being everywhere he was such a huge part of each company: breaking Sabu’s neck in ECW, the feuds with Kevin Sullivan and Raven’s Flock in WCW, the Radicalz, the Kurt Angle Feud, every match with Jericho, Wrestlemania 20. I’m not saying he should be glorified for his past success, but is it going to make a huge difference if he is featured in a match on a DVD? The majority of the current audience doesn’t even remember him.

I know I’m just spewing about one of my favorites, and I know nothing will change for years. But a guy can hope, right? Maybe I’ll just wait it out until the TV-PG era is over, as it seems more likely we’d see some Benoit in a TV-14 state.


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  1. I get it…but i still can’t get behind it. What he did was so disgusting and horrible, i just can’t get over it to think oh he had good matches so we should look past his personal life and remember his in ring success.

    I think once you do what he did, it cleans your slate for everything. Almost like talking about OJ Simpson in terms of his football career. He is brought up here and there, just because of what he did, but its very far and few between. I guess thats how it should be with Benoit.

    He is to entangled with the history of wrestling to write him completely out, but at the same time, he should only be talked about rarely. But thats just my personal opinion.

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