Shaq’s possible future with WWE?

As first speculated by us, (sorry Bleacher report…listen to Yesterday’s Boolawler podcast if you don’t believe us) We think Shaquille O’neal will be dabbling in the world of professional wrestling now that he is officially retired from the NBA. The Big Aristotle has always been proud to admit he is a huge Wrestling fan,  and has appeared on WWE TV on several occasions including an altercation with the Big Show in July 2009. It only makes sense to us that now that he is no longer under contract to an NBA squad, The Big Diesel will be looking to jump in to the squared circle.

Now, I’m not talking about The Big Shaqtus hitting the road as a full time peformer, but I’d be willing to bet that the WWE has already been in contact with Superman about working with the company as soon as Summerslam. What intrigues us the most, however is where the most money could be made for both parties…Wrestlemania 28. It makes the most sense for us because it takes place in a city where Shaq is beloved..Where he helped bring the Miami Heat their first NBA title and where he is also a Miami Beach reserve officer.

With that said, what would be Big Daddy’s role? The no-brainer would be to finish what was started with the Big Show. I think it’s a perfect fit, seeing as how Show put on a pretty good showing with Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24 and how the two are similar in size. Plus, the seed has already been planted, which if you ask me may not of been just something thrown together that July night…It may have been a very clever move on Vince McMahon’s part knowing that Shaquille’s days as an NBA star were numbered.

 What’s in it for Shaq? Well, aside from the obvious big pay day he could earn from doing an event like Wrestlemania (Mayweather reportedly got $10 million…but, we all know that’s not true…but I’m sure it was substantial.) Shaq loves the spotlight…lives for it. He will not simply fade in to the spotlight like some other sports stars before him…He is an entertainer almost as much as he is a Basketball player. He will undoubtedly have more than one business ventures to cross promote across WWE programming.

So, don’t be shocked if you see your boy Kazaam on your Televisions Monday Night’s on USA.

UPDATE! We told you WWE was already thinking this…

Earlier Today WWE posted the video of Shaq/Big Show from Raw in July 2009. They released a small statement, teasing a possible Big Show/Shaq match in the future..

“WWE Universe member Shaquille O’Neal has had the world abuzz since announcing his retirement from the NBA. After his tussle with Big Show as Raw guest star, WWE fans might wonder if the 15-time All-Star will now look to settle his one-night rivalry.”

Whether it’s a tease or not remains to be seen..but, They have to love their chances to land The Big Retiree in the near future.


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  1. Steve McGregor

    Shaq has about as much a future in the WWE as this bloody website has of getting 10 views in a single day or Lionel & the writers of Boolawler ever going on a bloody date…..DOG’S DINNER!


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