SD Musings 6/3

I was World Champion for how long? TWO DAYS?!

– Wow, an episode of WWE television that doesn’t start with a promo?
– Man, Christian’s new shirt is horrrrrrrible.
– Christian vs Mark Henry will start us off. Not a terrible match, about as much as you would expect from Mark Henry. Christian with the Killswitch and that’s all she wrote. But wait! He’s got a microphone!
– After the commercial Christian replays what happened last week, with Sheamus winning the #1 Contender’s Spot. He pleads for a another World Title match. Teddy Long says no, but adds Christian as the special ref for tonight’s World Title match.
– Pretty awesome Sheamus hype video. I like this, it shows to people who wrote Sheamus off after losing the US Title that he’s been and still is a major player.

– Divas tag match is next after another reminder about how awesome the Capitol Punishment poster is! LOL!
– Rosa Mendes is with Alicia Fox/Tamina for…moral support? To counter Natalya being in AJ/Kaitlyn’s corner? Either way, it doesn’t matter.
– These Kmart ads are brutal; Josh Matthews talking about how cool AJ is for playing XBox and wearing WWE gear everywhere…which you can get at Kmart!
– Alicia Fox and Tamina win again, like last week. But hey, it wasn’t an awful match. #progress

– re-airing the Sin Cara videos used to hype his debut. Kind of odd, if I do say so myself. And I do!
– Cody Rhodes promo about his loss to Daniel Bryan last week. Who would’ve thought that after Legacy broke up, Rhodes would be the bigger star out of he and DiBiase? He’s so damn good on the mic.
– HA! They hand out the paper bags and a camera has one on as well.
– Matt Striker backstage with Khali, asking him why he beat up his brother. Jinder Mahal comes in, and impresses me with his half English, half Punjab (?) promo. I like this guy. Now let’s see if he can wrestle.

– Poor Yoshi Tatsu. First time on TV since I can remember and he’s fed to Mahal. But the good thing is Mahal isn’t too bad. His finisher is a full nelson slam into a rock bottom.
– Yoshi has some of the best music of all time. The Toyko Pop can’t be stopped, unless he jobs.
– These stupid Obama press conference things are ridiculous. Just…stop.

– Intercontinental Title match next, Barrett vs Big Zeke. I like that there’s more title matches on TV lately, because eventually one will change (like the World Title did) and in turn people will watch more with the hopes of seeing a title change.
– For two big men, these guys can move.
– Booker T: “Ezekiel Jackson is so built. Look at ’em, he’s got muscles in his ears!”
– Zeke by countout as the Corre comes out. The three of them run in to beat down Zeke but Barrett decides not too. Another nail in the coffin.

– Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase is now. I expect nothing but good things.
– And I am not let down. Good back and forth work, Cody comes down for a distraction. Bryan with a counter to Dream Street and rolls him into the LaBell Lock for the win.
– Cody and Ted team up to put the boots to Bryan, until Sin Cara makes the save. And only botches one move! Man, he needed developmental.
– Finally hear most of R-Truth’s promo from Raw!

– Johnny Curtis, who won NXT Season 4 apparently, is now on SD! He spilled some milk, but there’s no use crying over it. Although it would’ve been nice if they explained that instead of letting it fly over everyone’s head.
– In other news, Curtis looks like his was packaged in the WWE Superstar Factory. They all look the same now.

– Main event timer! Christian out first as ref, and Orton, the World Champion, is next. Not Sheamus, the challenger, but the champion. Of the world. I hate that.
– And we’re off! The fact that they’re giving this 20 minutes is good news. Smackdown is wrestling, regardless if Vince likes it or not.
– Regular stuff to start off, a little brawling on the outside as well. Christian just looks so out of place in the ref shirt; almost like if this was a match in No Mercy.

– I don’t care what anyone says, but Orton’s reverse headlock backbreaker thing that he’s used for 8 years is awesome.
– Sheamus skins the cat! Wtf?!
– I hope it’s not the WWE piping in crowd reactions, because the crowd seems really into it and I hope it’s legit. This match is very good.
– Sheamus runs into Christian then hits the kick on Orton. Sheamus with the pin but Christian is far “too injured” to finish the count.
– Sheamus eats an RKO and that’s all she wrote.
– As Orton celebrates Christian levels him with the title. He screams “I can beat you Randy!” And man, Christian hit him HARD with the belt.
– Christian steals the belt, which I’ve always thought was AWESOME.
– Crowd still chanted Christian’s name afterword, so we’ll see how heelish he is next week.

Another great Smackdown. Man, I’ve just been so impressed lately. Good job, Vince.


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  1. The No Mercy reference…YES!

    That was exactly what i was thinking when i was watching the match, Christian looks like he is guest refereeing in a videogame.

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