And your Anonymous GM is…

Expect more of this

It appears that Mick Foley’s storyline “firing” on Impact Wrestling is his exit from TNA. Foley’s deal expires in September but internally, it’s considered that he’s pretty much done and won’t be back. There has been some frustration from both sides about their relationship for a while.

Mick Foley took to Twitter to comment on an online report indicating that TNA Wrestling officials perceived him as being difficult to work with.

Foley wrote, “I pushed hard for changes I felt would benefit Impact Wrestling. I can understand how some would interpret that as difficult to work with.”

He did not deny reports that he asked for his release from the organization.

There have been conflicting reports going around saying Mick Foley was fired from TNA, he asked for and got his release, and that it’s all a work. As it stands right now, I feel like the Mick Foley in TNA Experiment is over. They brought him in when he left the WWE for a career revival and a ratings bump, but neither happened. There were rumors last year that Foley was on his way back when they plugged his book on Raw, but it never panned out. And then he supposedly requested to be at the Rock’s birthday bash, TNA said yes then no and nothing came of it.

Whether there was any truth to those rumors remains to be seen, but if Foley wasn’t interested in going back to the WWE none of these rumors would ever have surfaced. You never hear rumors like those about anybody else in TNA, from RVD to Hogan to the Dudleyz, no one. Hell, last year he even said he’d he’d return to the WWE for a Hall of Fame induction. So, in that aspect, there’s at least some interest in him returning.

If you ask me (and you kind of did) the time is now for Mick Foley to come back to the WWE. The Anonymous GM has been mostly quiet with Michael Cole reverting back to his old self, and the crowd seemingly has forgotten about it. Instead of totally dropping the angle with no closure, Foley would be the perfect candidate for the role. That way he is back where he wants to be, doing what he wants to do (he’s been quoting on saying his Commissioner role in 2000 were some of his favorite times) and the Anonymous GM angle would finally be over after a year.

Let us not forget the Rock as well. Though unlikely, a Rock n Sock Reunion would bring in big ratings. Imagine a rehash of “This is Your Life, Rock” like they did in ’99. It would also add another dynamic to the Rock/Cena feud. Team Rock n Sock vs Team Cena as the main event of Survivor Series? It oozes money. There’s so many possibilities on where Foley could be plugged in, and all of them better than what he was doing in TNA.

Then there’s the Hall of Fame. Even though this year wouldn’t be the best option for him to be inducted, as he is a headliner and not “the other guy,” he is one of the guys that legitimately deserves it. Despite the truth that the WWE HoF is a joke, it does still mean something despite all the holes in the logic behind it. It may not be the most prestigious thing to have in the world of pro wrestling, but it is indeed a feather in your cap that he deserves.

Time will tell what happens, but with any luck he’s gone from TNA. Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy is coming home one way or the other, and hopefully it’s soon.


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