Raw Musings 6/6/11

We're gonna make so much money! They gon git got!

– Wait a minute, this isn’t Raw, this is Tough Enough! Andy wins and catches a Stunner. Then no sells.
– Vince and Austin in the ring to open Raw, then R-TRUTH COMES OUT! Dressed in an old Civil War outfit. I smell money.
– I don’t know what I like more about Truth: his facial expressions or the nonsense coming from his mouth.
– Miz interrupts the interruption and wants another title match, then Riley interrupts the interrupting interruption, which leads to Cena interrupting the interruption that interrupted the first interruption. Well PARDON ME but somebody call Mike Whilbon.
– Then the GM interrupts the…oh nevermind.
– Austin is drinking Keystone. Keith Stone would be proud.
– Vince announces Truth/Miz vs Riley/Cena with Austin as ref.
– Good opening segment; despite the numerous amount of people in the ring, everything flowed pretty evenly and was pulled off nicely.

– We come back to McGillicutty vs Santino. Wait, are they trying to maybe build a tag team feud?!?!
– Some good team work despite the fact it’s a singles match. Otunga saving McGillicutty a few times and Koslov got involved as well. Santino via Cobra, which is so ridiculously over it’s crazy.

– Divas Tag match, Bellas vs Beth/Kelly. As bad as it still is, it’s leaps and bounds better than what it has been in the past. The girls seem to actually be trying to wrestle recently.
– Backstage with Booker and Trish who are up to shenanigans. Swagger asks if Booker still got it, so we’re getting Booker vs Swagger tonight, SUCKA!

– Punk vs Rey is next, Punk with a mic which means instant ratings.
– I wonder why they’re rekindling this feud? I’m not complaining, but it’s another one of those “been there, done that” things.
– I still can’t believe they totally destroyed everything they had with Cole by just throwing him back in the booth. But I digress.
– These guys have wrestled at least 10 times on TV (which actually is a lot) and each time it’s been a different, great match. Hopefully this isn’t Punk’s swan song and final feud.

– Another Obama dream, great. BUT WAIT! Truth is there asking questions!
– This one was actually good, because of all the Truth.

– Del Rio comes out and wants to apologize to Big Show for running him over two weeks ago. Show comes out on crutches oh but wait! It’s Riccardo in a bald cap and fat suit. Standard comedy bit that falls flat, which is surprising because of how awesome Del Rio is.
– I wonder why they’re going with Show/Del Rio, and not Del Rio/anybody that will raise his stock.

– Another hype video for an already established star, this time for Kofi. I don’t care why they do these, I’m just glad they do. It’s a good way to hype up the next guys who’re going to be on top some day.

– ZACK RYDER IN THE RING! ON RAW! OMFG! BFF Dolph and Vickie in tow, then on commentary.
– They’re pimping the Z! True Long Island Story pretty hard. I feel like this is his make or break moment.
– Ziggler is actually pretty good on commentary.
– Decent match, I suppose. Ryder got dominated throughout the match, but did a good job bumping. Will it save his job?

– Booker T time! Let’s see if the six time, six time, six time, six time, six time, six time World’s Champion still got it.
– Pop for his entrance wasn’t what I had hoped it would be.
– Book’s still got it, by far. I don’t know if he could return full time, but he could defiantly pull a part time schedule.
– Swagger gets counted out, and Bourne comes out to throw him back into the ring with Book. Scissor Kick and an Air Bourne. Then a double Spinarooni!
– Man, Air Bourne is literally a masterpiece every time.

– You know Riley is a face now…good guys wear white boots.
– Would be nice is guest ref Austin wore an OFFICIAL referee shirt.
– Crowd is really into this, more so than they should. But it’s ok, it makes for a better match.
– Truth with a chair, Cena with a kinda dropkick.
– Riley attempts to hit Miz with the briefcase, but fails. It’s ok though, Miz eats a stunner and FU for the loss.
– Cole gets an Email, announces Austin as guest GM next week. Cole gets a Stunner/FU combo.
– I think Austin vs Cena would draw almost as good as Cena/Rock. I do recall Cena getting stunned a few years ago at Tribute to the Troops…

See you next week, for an unnecessary three hour long Raw!


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