Tough Enough Finale Thoughts

The good logo.

And here we are, the (almost) live finale of Tough Enough. This season has been a far cry from the original Tough Enough series, yet it was nearly as intriguing and thus far has done it’s job as reality television. Here we go!

– Show starts with a near five minute recap video of the entire season, then it hypes the final two contestants: big man Andy and cocky Luke.
– We catch up with the finalists at home and what they’ve been doing since the show finished taping. Andy has been training with his pregnant wife.
– Luke is shows partying on a boat with about 20 people and copious amounts of booze. “We party hard.” That’s your next WWE Superstar, folks!
– There is no way this prissy pretty boy Luke trains in the woods with the trees, chains, and cinder blocks. He is tailor made for Gold’s Gym.
– I don’t like either guy, I’d rather not see them on TV ever again, but based on what we just saw I’d take Andy. Luke is the douche we all knew he was.

– The guys go to FCW and meet Bill DeMott, who informs them of their upcoming match…with him.
– I’m diggin the FCW arena, with all of the old PPV banners and FCW Superstar banners hanging around. It’s a cool way to showcase the past and present.
– Andy and Luke are ready for their match with Bill in front of the FCW crowd. Andy loses points for the generic tights. Luke loses points for being the cookie cutter image of what the WWE wants their guys to look like.

– They should not be just showing a highlight video of the finalists matches’ with DeMott. The entire should’ve been shown. Every match looks good as a highlight video and this was deceiving to the viewers.
– Booker asks them if they did their best in the ring against Bill. Andy says yes, Luke says no. Are you an idiot, Luke? Why wouldn’t you do your best in your biggest test?

– Hugh Morris hasn’t been on Raw in ten years.
– They parade out the entire Tough Enough cast, what’s the over under on how many are going to be on WWE TV by the end of the year?
– I wonder if they made their decision before tonight on who’s going to win, or if the decision is being made on the fly.
– I don’t know why they’re sucking them off so hard, neither guy is good.
– Here comes Vince! With any luck he’ll just fire everybody.

– Tough Enough rolls into Raw, with any luck giving the finalists that much more exposure.
– Austin swore no less than 15 times. Ass, Bastard, Bitch, and bullshit.
– Thank God Austin picked Andy. Luke is in just for the fame and money, not for the love of it. Andy truly deserves it.
– Way to bury your newest talent!


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