How to Fool the IWC

Miz Girl was not amused when she heard it was fake.

Last night after Raw, the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) blew up. The Miz hurt his leg in the dark main event against Cena. They had their WWE Title match as per the usual, and Miz took his bump to the outside. But wait, something’s different: he looks hurt. The ref stops to help, Cena appears genuinely concerned. The night just ends on that note, with Miz being taken to the back and Justin Roberts telling everyone to drive home safe. Then we learned from a select few sites that their sources confirmed Miz had broken his leg and was rushed to the hospital. Such a shame, now we’ll have to wait for Alex Riley and Miz to continue their feud, and by the time Miz returns no one will remember nor care. We wish him the speediest of recoveries.

That’s what I would’ve written had it been true. For the first time I can truly remember, an extremely false story was reported on as fact. It’s a very believable story; injuries happen all the time. Every day we as wrestling fans visit the dirt sheets, we like to know what’s going on backstage, we want to know everything about everything. There’s two things wrong with wrestling rumor sites: they all get their news from only two people/sites, and most of the time it’s wrong.

Go to your favorite wrestling website, the one you go to for your news. Ok? Good. Now go to three different ones you’ve never been to before. Notice something similar? Dave Meltzer, Mark Middleton, Wade Keller, Ryan Clark, and Daniel Pena. Those are going to be the four most seen names on your wrestling website. Why? Because those are the guys that actually get the “news.” Everyone else just posts what they wrote, never once questioning it. This has gone on for ages and something that I can only assume will never change.

Whatever happened to fact checking and reporting? I realize it’s the internet, and a wrestling website to boot, but could anybody have actually taken a few minutes to dig around and make sure the story is true? As I said before, injuries happen constantly and are viewed as almost normal, so I take it everyone just read he was hurt and moved on. Dare I say “shame on you,” reporters. All of these sites have “correspondents” at the events texting them the Superstars and dark match results, why wouldn’t the website text their correspondents to verify? Instead of getting multiple e-mails from someone who did not contact you earlier, how could you automatically believe this new person?

Our new BFF Tyler (tweet him @Tyle325) orchestrated this whole thing. But really what he did is expose the news sites for being lazy. He showed just how easy it is to penetrate the IWC and have everyone fall for a prank. It’s funny, because nearly every website pulled the original “Miz injured” post and only have “false injury reported” stories. Only Ryan Clark posted an apology and explanation. Everyone else just swept it under the rug hoping no one would remember their lapse in “reporting.” So kudos to you, @Tyle325, for fooling everybody. If we learned anything from this, it’s that we can’t take what we read to heart. The majority of it is just made up, and this just proves how willing we are to accept it.


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