SD Spoilers for 6/17/11

* Randy Orton opens the show and says his concussion won’t stop him from beating Christian at Capitol Punishment. Teddy Long comes out and reminds Orton that he can’t compete tonight. Christian came out and played the heel role. Sheamus is out next and he vs. Christian is announced for tonight. If Sheamus wins, he gets put in the PPV match making it a triple threat.

* Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson and Daniel Bryan is up next. Sin Cara’s team wins in a rematch from RAW.

* Backstage segment with Sheamus talking about winning tonight and the World Title on Sunday.

* Jinder Mahal defeated Vladimir Kozlov.

* Big Show comes out looking for Alberto Del Rio but gets Teddy Long instead. Long doesn’t want Show hurting Del Rio if he shows up tonight and books Show in a match with Mark Henry. Show knocks Henry out with the knockout punch. Henry does an injury angle and they take him away from the ring on a stretcher.

* Tamina, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox beat AJ Lee, Kaitlyn and Natalya.

* Christian is upset that he has to face Sheamus in the main event.

* Another backstage segment with Johnny Curtis. He calls himself the ace in the hole and says he will debut soon.

* The Usos defeated Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

* Alberto Del Rio comes out and talks about winning the WWE Title is his destiny and how he isn’t afraid of Big Show. Del Rio dedicates his Capitol Punishment match with Show to Ricardo Rodriguez. Big Show runs out and sends Del Rio fleeing from the ring. Del Rio looks on as Show goes crazy and tears up the ringside area.

* Christian beat Sheamus in the main event. Randy Orton was at ringside watching. Orton chases Christian off after the match and runs back down to punt Sheamus in the head to end the show.

– Hmmm…TWO Raw guys appearing on SD for literally no reason. Good thing brand separation matters!
– I like Jindar Mahal. I don’t know if he’ll be a World Champion anytime soon, but I like the character and he’s good in the ring. And it’s refreshing to seeing someone other than Trent Baretta get jobbed.
– The Usos beat Gabriel/Slater? REALLY?


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