Bye Bye Chavo…

Earlier today WWE came to terms with the release of Smackdown! Superstar Chavo Guerrero Jr.. This marks the first major release in what is rumored to be a huge summer of release for the company. Chavo was also the last guy standing from the WCW Invasion angle after Vince bought the company in 2001. (Unless you’re counting Booker T, who is a commentator on Smackdown!) Chavo had great success over the last 15 years  including lengthy runs in WCW where he was a 2 time Cruiserweight Champion as well as a Tag Team Champion. He spent the last 10 years in WWE where he held their Cruiserweight belt an impressive 4 times, the tag belts with Eddie twice, and a run in (WW)ECW as their World Champion feuding memorably with CM Punk.

My favorite part of Chavo’s career was his tag team run with Eddie Guerrero. Those two were just flat out GOLD together. Losing Eddie certainly played a big roll in Chavo’s life, as well as losing Chris Benoit 2 years later. I couldn’t imagine losing two of my best friends in that span of time, especially working in a business where you’re constantly reminded of them day in and day out. Chavo, to his credit persevered and gave us some of the most memorable moments in the last 5 or so years of his career, always bringing comic relief along with his solid in-ring work. If not for the inability to make a feud with Sin Cara work (which probably wasn’t his fault) I may not be writing this today.

Good luck Chavo…We all know you’ll bounce back. You’re a Warrior.

*UPDATE* Chavo released a statement stating that he asked for his release. He vented his frustration with always being booked as the guy that put every one else over. Makes sense, you can only take being a doormat for so long. I think he’ll find good work in TNA, or hopefully ROH where he can really shine. He deserves some respect for not just simply cashing a fat WWE check every week not being happy with his legacy.


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  1. Steve McGregor

    I wish these writers would release a good story for once…..DOG’S DINNER!

  2. Hello My name is Chen Wu. I wrote this table, because I’m not happy, they fire Chavo Guerrero. Eddie is a lot of love for my country, unfortunately, he is gone. Yarn through these difficulties should not be in this economy. I study English at nearby university, so it should be easier after reading writing. Thank you for providing such a good US wrestling you see you. I appreciate it more than shoe paste. Thank you.

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