Heyman/Lesnar to sign some sorta deal, maybe


Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reported yesterday that Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman have either made a deal or at least are in very serious negotiations to have a business relationship with WWE. In the case of Lesnar, it is not to wrestle, nor would he be a television character. Meltzer claims Heyman’s deal is similar to Lesnar’s.

Award-winning Canadian mixed martial arts journalist Ariel Helwani stated this afternoon on his Twitter account that Meltzer’s report is somewhat inaccurate.

He wrote, “Meltzer report on Heyman/Brock going 2 WWE, according 2 sources, is somewhat inaccurate. What is being discussed is a consumer product deal.”

After discussing it with my cohort, Mr Tony Chalupa, we figured it to be some kind of likeness deal. For instance, guys like Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior signed these Legends and likeness contracts, meaning they don’t sign with the WWE, but they sign with THQ and Mattel. Essentially, it’s to get their faces on merchandise. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Despite only being there for exactly two years, Lesnar was apart of some of the biggest and best moments in the WWE. Remember his debut and three week tear he went on? F5ing everyone from Spike Dudley to Rikishi. Then he went on and won the 2002 King of the Ring with a win over Rob Van Dam, earning a shot at the Rock’s WWE Championship at Summerslam. He then became the youngest WWE Champ in history.

He feuded with the Undertaker, main evented Wrestlemania 19, gave John Cena his first real feud, broke Hardcore Holly’s neck, tapped out to Chris Benoit, and lost the WWE Title to Eddie Guerrero in one fine match. Then there was the colossal failure that was Goldberg vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20. The bottom line is, the WWE can and will make money off of a Brock Lesnar DVD and action figures.

Oh yeah, and there was this little thing, too:


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