John Cena is the Man

Ever since 2005, I have hated John Cena. I didn’t mind him on Smackdown because I rarely watched Smackdown due to work. But when he came to Raw I just despised him. He was bland, corny, a bad actor, and worst of all a bad wrestler. The dreaded “5 Moves of Doom” were seen every Monday night as the newly crowned Superman beat every single person on Raw. No, really, one time he and Randy Orton beat the entire Raw roster in a handicap match.

Over the years I’ve hated Cena like I’ve never hated anyone before. At live events, I’d jeer him til my voice was gone and was blue in the face. Whomever he wrestled against, we made sure that guy was the most over man in the company. I’ll never forget the December 26, 2005 edition of Raw, the last episode of the year. Cena was fighting Shelton Benjamen in a Beat the Clock Challenge for the upcoming Elimination Chamber match at New Year’s Revolution. Shelton wasn’t very popular, but if you were there live or were watching on TV, you never would’ve known that. Cena was the most hated man in the WWE for a very long time.

And the Rock’s return only made it worse. It seemed for a while the male 18-35 kind of backed off hating Cena; he was still booed, just not as heavily. I, for one, gave up. I’ve grown desensitized towards the entire matter over the last year or so. I did not, however, ever root for him. That is until the Rock came back. I was never a Rock guy, always leaned more towards the five-piece DX and Austin instead of Rocky. He bugged me just like Cena does. But this year, when Rock came back, I firmly found myself as a member of the CeNation. Everything he said was right, and everything Rock said was just pandering. Yesterday while on tour in Australia, John Cena made me like him a whole lot more.

WWE Champion John Cena ripped into The Rock during a post-match promo at the July 3 live event in Perth, Australia. “Where is the so called captain of Team Bring It?,” Cena asked. “And if he is the captain of Team Bring It, what are they bringing a doctor’s note that he can’t fly all the way to Australia and entertain the WWE Universe out here in Perth?

“I don’t care if I’ve got to play G.I. Joe, Fast Five, Fast Six, Godzilla, King Kong, and Julius Caesar all rolled into one, I want to be in the middle of this ring, defending this championship in front of all of you, because I am not an actor, I am a professional wrestler. That is what I do because of crowds like you.

“So if you cried (inaudible) tears for an actor to get back in the ring, you take your tears and your t-shirt with a bull, fold them up real nice, put them in your dresser and wait until April 1st because that is the only time The People’s Champ will say that he loves all of you. But tonight from myself, from all the WWE Superstars who flew 20 hours to be here in front of you, I simply say thank you.”

His promos are corny, his character is non-existent, and his wrestling sucks. But you cannot deny that man’s true love for pro wrestling. Rock, at one time, also had that same love. But the Hollywood bug bit him hard, and that’s ok too. But don’t come on TV four times a year and tell us you love it like you did ten years ago. We know it’s not true and it makes you a liar.

So here’s hoping John Cena beats Rock at Wrestlemania, and sends him packing for good. Just like he wanted in the first place.


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