RAW “A”Musings

Thank God this shit is over

– It’s going to be kind of hard to watch this RAW seeing as how I already read the spoilers after last week’s RAW…Especially since I know CM Punk won’t be on. But, I’ll try any way.
– We open with a recap of last week and another stellar video package by WWE.
– CM Punk chants…I bet he hates that. A lot.
-Actually, John…you’ve seen eye to eye with punk a bit in the past….
– No one looks cool in Jorts….NO ONE!
– Not a bad promo from Cena…I enjoyed it.

– Shot of the briefcase…I am legitimately excited for this PPV…More so then any PPV in a WHILE!
– I can’t tell the difference between the Bella broads…I legit tried…Some one help me.
– It’s kind of crazy how far Kelly has come since when she debuted on ECW….She is one of the better WRESTLING Divas now. Plus, she isn’t afraid to piss in a sink. Kudos for that.

– I wonder when Del Rio will finally fulfill his “destiny”
– Call me weird, but I really like Mcgillicuty and Otunga together.
– Santino and Colt Cabana would have a really good comedic match. Book it.
– I think they threw Ryder out there to see what kind of crowd reaction he’d get…It wasn’t that good.

– Am I stupid for not knowing this backstage announcers name?
– Miz is always solid on the mic…good little interview.
– Sarge with a pretty good rib on Swagger…Swagger is super talented. I hope he finds his niche sooner than later.

– Sarge can actually still work…kind of.
– Swagger Vs. Bourne is pretty darn good. No problems with that feud.
– I kind of miss the pledge of allegiance…Ahhh, Elementary School.

– Don’t care what any one says…I love that Truth has no music. He gets so much more heat.
– Rey being on RAW still looks weird to me.
– It’s actually “Mystery King” Lawler…not “King of Mysteries”
– These guys are already in the MITB ladder match…
– My Girlfriend likes Del Rio’s dick bulge.

– I hate how they rarely call out Wrestling moves any more unless it’s someone’s signature move or finisher.
– I just hate Rey’s splash…619 is cool, but I hate the splash…just looks weird.
– Not often you see a face tap out
– Very good match…

– That Santa Pepsi commercial weirded me out…
– Way to drop the ball with a Smurfs movie…

(At this point, Tony’s computer dies as he awaits the arrival of Ringside Steve, who was enjoying fireworks.)

– First thing I see when I get home is Miz putting A-Ri through the announce table. Good to see Miz actually get put over, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Vince McMahon Promo Time. What could be better?
– I liked the explanation of Punk’s suspension, Vince totally heeling him saying Punk isn’t worth being on the DVDs or cups.
– Cena out, disputing the suspension. Nice and back and forth between the two; I like how you can tell that no scripts are being used for this promo. It’s so much more natural this way. I hate scripts.
– I understand the rationale behind Cena giving Vince the belt, but how many times has Cena said that’s the one thing he’d kill for? I get it, you’re a fair man and a man of your word, but it’s no way believable that he’d give the belt up.


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