LIVE SD Spoilers!

Boolawler is here LIVE at the Mohegan Sun Arena for SD. Keep refreshing throughout the night for live updates!

Josh Matthews in the ring for an interview with Orton. Christian on the tron saying HE GON WIN. Christian mocks Orton Sr being in the HoF, calling it pathetic. Orton calls Christian pathetic because he relied on Edge for success.

Eden Stiles (who?) Is our ring announcer. Big Zeke vs Dibiase for the IC Title is now. Dibiases music sucks. Boring match. Zeke via torture rack.

Cody runs into Ted backstage and tells him with one more loss, Teddy Is going to get bagged. Cody vs Daniel Bryan is next. The Bag Men get a good pop. Bryan with a nice suicide dive. Love how Cody still uses hardcore Holly’s moves. Really good match with Cody winning via john Morrison’s Flying Chuck.

Wade Barrett joins commentary for Sheamus vs Sin Cara. Sin Cara once again botches the entrance. Crowd loooooves sin cara. Pretty good match But sin cara Just doesn’t impress me. He wins via victory roll. Barrett attacks Sheamus after.

Big show and mark Henry have a verbal face off. They throws threats out blah blah blah. Show wore a wrestlemania 20 coat! Throwback!

Rose Mendez with Alicia fox vs Kelly Kelly. I would kill my roommate to be with any of these women. Kelly wins via the Kelly KaPOWski

Various backstage segments include Christian trying to be a nice guy, him playing roulette with orton’s moneys, and Johnny Curtis and the elephant in the room.

Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater is next. The each have new music and both suck. Badly. The match is good though, never saw them do singles before. That 450 is epic live.

Kane vs orton is the main event. Christian watches from the stage. They brawl on outside and orton Yes distracted.and counted out. Orton attacks Kane with a chair to end it.

Legacy comes out to fight orton but they plus Christian all eat RKOs after the cameras stop rolling. Christian gets another then orton walks around ringside signing autographs and such.


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