Scott Hall is on ESPN


ESPN’s magazine show E:60 will be filming a segment on Scott Hall after he gets out of jail and returns to pro wrestling for an independent show (I Believe in Wrestling). He’ll be managing Santana and Lince Dorado in a mixed match on July 16th in Orlando, FL. ESPN plans to film Hall before, during and after the match. No word yet on when this will air.

This is both cool and really sad. It’s cool because pro wrestling is going to be on ESPN! It’s really sad because the only reason it’s going to be on ESPN is on account of a former star being an alcoholic mess.

E:60 usually does all of their stories in a very non-biased way. Each episode I’ve seen has been very well done, with all of the facts and no slander. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the Scott Hall story. His has truly been a spectacular far from grace. His “demons” have always been well documented, so hopefully they don’t vilify the wrestling business because of that.

And who knows, perhaps this will get Hall’s life on track to drop the booze once and for all. To be able to see himself, and to have his family see him in such a pathetic state might just get him on the right track.


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