TNA is Dead

Vince McMahon's new best friend

The NFL is reportedly looking to put together a package of eight regular season games that would air on Thursday nights. The league currently has eight games on the NFL Network; the new package would be for a separate eight games and will end up on a network like NBC Universal or Turner Broadcasting. This would be a potentially big issue for TNA obviously as they would be head-to-head with football games. The word is that the package would likely start in 2012.

At this point, a new block of Thursday NFL games is just a proposition from the league. When a new CBA is announced (hopefully soon) the new Thursday games will cripple TNA Wrestling.

Raw has a tough time competing with Monday Night Football for 16 weeks every year, but they’re still able to pull a decent rating. They also recognize the challenge going up against the NFL presents and (sometimes) make an attempt to offset it with 3 hour Raws and other gimmicks.

The big difference is that the WWE has a a huge built in fanbase. The ratings don’t ever drastically change. TNA, on the other hand, does not have a huge fanbase. They average about a 1.3 rating on a week to week basis. If the NFL gets those extra games, TNA could easily drop to a .8 rating. The reason the current Thursday night schedule doesn’t really affect anything is because it’s on the NFL Network, which is a premium channel. If the NFL gets on cable, BASIC cable, it has the chance to absolutely cripple TNA.

In the event this happens, TNA should really consider a battle plan. And not something stupid like giving the Joker, I mean Sting, the title again.


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