WWE is building a HoF, maybe

WWE has made the decision to start very soon on construction for a physical Hall of Fame. Officials are still looking for a city to house the Hall of Fame and carry the financial burden of running it but Orlando, Florida is a possibility. WWE is in the process of purchasing legendary memorabilia for displays in the new Hall of Fame building.

This is excellent news for me personally. Every year at Axxess, there is a Legends display. It has various pieces of memorabilia from WWE’s past and is a pretty cool attraction. The WWE Hall of Fame is widely considered a joke, and although building a physical Hall won’t fix that, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Financial burden? It’s not like you wouldn’t be charging people to get in. Sure, the start-up funding would put you in the hole, but as long as it’s in a tourist city and you charge a respectable amount for entry, you’ll be fine. Not to mention, you KNOW there is going to be a huge sized merchandise section. With a year they’d make their money back.

It be interesting to see how it’s set up as well. Most obviously they’d have each class sectioned off by year in induction, but what beyond that? The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York is exactly what the WWE should aspire to be. Under each player’s name, there’s a bronze plaque with their face on it and every single accomplishment they have ever won. Toss in some pictures and ring gear and you’ve got yourself a bonafide attraction.

Location is going to be tricky. You’d want to have it in a tourist town, but you don’t want to put it in a town where it’ll get lost in the shuffle. The WWE loves Florida, but you run the risk of it getting lost if you open it in Orlando. Same with New York City. NYC would be a fantastic location, but there’s is so much to do already. Although building it down the road from Madison Square Garden isn’t the worst idea out there. The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is in Schenectady, New York aka the middle of nowhere. It’s only open on weekends until 4PM and thus is barely known. Location can make or break this project.

One thing I’d love to personally see is every single Championship belt. I’m a self-professed belt mark, and would love to see every design of every belt. I’d love to see the big green belt Hogan won from the Shiek at the Garden live in person. And who wouldn’t love getting up close to the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles? (just kidding). The best part of Axxess for me is seeing a lot of the old belts, so being able to see every every belt. But that’s just me.

A lot is going to need to happen for a real Hall of Fame to be built, but in the end it will be worth it. Trust me on that.


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