Raw Musings 7/18/11

Missssssssssssss Youuuuuuuu

Coming a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Money in the Bank PPV last night in which CM Punk literally shocked everyone by winning the WWE Championship. Here’s hoping they don’t botch it. LESSGO!

– Vince and Johnny Ace walk out to the ring; sucks to see Ace didn’t die via Cena’s clothesline from last night. However, good to see him sporting a black eye via Vince’s punch after the show ended last night.
– 8 Man tournament for tonight to determine the new WWE Champion. However, Vince never said Punk was stripped nor the title vacant. PLOT HOLE!

-First match of the tourney is Miz v Alex Riley.
– What a fucking sloppy match. I know they were in a pretty brutal match last night, but damn guys.
– The fucking commentary is killing me lately. Riley with a Texas Cloverleaf and Cole goes “almost a Sharpshooter!”
– Oh my God, Miz won a match!!

– Somebody please tell me how/why Chris Masters is in the Summerslam commercial.
-Punk tweeted a picture of the WWE Title on a Cubs logo right before Raw went live because he’s “in Chicago.” We’ll see bout that:

– Pretty sweet John Morrison video package. No return date or “coming soon,” but it’s safe to say he’ll be back for Summerslam, in his hometown.
– Match 2 of the Tournament is next, and it’s heel vs heel with Jack Swagger vs R-Truth.
– This match is a mistake. Truth was already over and getting huge face pops. This match is getting him more over as a face which is a pretty big mistake.

– Match 3 is Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston. Bigger news, Ricco Rodriquez has returned!!!
– very good match, nothing like the first two. Lots of flying around and roll-up reversals (which I’m a fan of, for some reason.)
– Kofi with the win. I dunno why, but has Del Rio ever had a solid run of wins?

– Very nice Summerslam Rewind video, featuring Bret Hart vs British Bulldog for the IC Title in London. How great and how important was the IC Title…

– Final first round match between Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler. Has potential to be the best match of the first round.
– Rey wearing a pretty sweet KISS style mask
– Any coincidence that the night Sin Cara gets suspended for 30 days is the same day Rey starts to wear those long arm things?
– Very nice 619 reversal where Dolph dumps Mysterio with a total amateur wrestling move.
– Rey wins, which is ok, but Dolph will get his time. He’s too good not to.

– Obligatory 14…FOURTEEN?!?! Diva tag. Beth over Rosa Mendez, who is ridiculously hot.

– Miz vs Kofi in the first Semi-Final match.
– I really like how Raw is all about wrestling thus far.
– Miz has been doing a pretty damn good job selling that leg injury from last night.
– Miz seems to be the favorite to win tonight, and I’m ok with that.

– Another Andy Levine promo package. He lived in a pretty shitty neighborhood back in the day, across the street from a meth lab. Boo-hoo. Good thinking keeping him on TV while he trains, though.

– Rey vs Truth is next.
– Apparently the only way to win in this tournament is by pin or submission.
– Pretty standard match from these two, expected a bit more.
– Rey wins.

– Vince comes out and postpones the main event until next week. Horseshit.
– Cena comes out to get fired and goes on another scripted promo. If you don’t give him a script, he won’t suck. Let him be free, man.
– Cena says if Vince makes him leave, he’ll go on someone else’s show and wrestler, BROTHER. Love it.
– Out comes Triple H?!
– Triple H is now in charge of the WWE. Which is great, because his signing on Sin Cara was brilliant!
– Vince with legitimate tears, damn he’s a good actor. Triple H tries to cry but fails.
– Makes sense Trips fired Vince, it was the last person he hasn’t buried.


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