Inter Species Wrestling – 8/23/11 Heirloom Arts Center – Danbury, CT

This being my first Inter Species show, I didn’t completely know what I was getting myself in to. After watching videos on youtube, I knew to expect some good wrestling along with vulgar language and extreme violence. I was a bit disappointed that Giant Tiger wouldn’t be in attendance, as he made a huge fan out of me the last few months, but the card still looked very promising. We arrived at the Heirloom Arts Center around 7pm, outside was the ISW guys podcasting and people getting their heads shaved for a great cause, to collect money for cancer research. Earlier in the year, ISW lost a close member of their family, Stinky the Homeless guy. This event was not only to entertain the fans, but to pay tribute to Stinky and Larry Sweeney. The show ran a little late due to the head shavings and Lego collecting which was completely fine to every one in attendance. There was also a prize for best Lego creation, which just so happened to be a Chris Benoit action figure, which was a nice touch. Once The Legos were done getting collected, the prize was given to whoever created the full bust of Winnie the Pooh, which would of also been my pick. Other favorites included were the Super Mario, the Macho Man head and the giant dildo.

Finally, a little before 8PM we were let in. The venue was upstairs, and as soon as you walked in and paid, they had tables set up with baked goods for a small donation, DVDs and T-shirts as well as CDs and Two Fisted Law (the band that performed at intermission) merchandise. On the opposite side, there was Beyond Wrestling merchandise for sale who held a show in the Heirloom earlier in the afternoon. A few drawbacks were you can feel the heat. as soon as you walk in. It was HOT in that place. Also, it was standing room only besides 20 or so chairs against the wall which I normally would of thought was really cool, but I left for Danbury right after working on my feet all the idea of standing on my feet for a total of 14 hours save the car ride didn’t exactly excite me.

After they showed the hype video twice on the big projection screen, and a very well done Stinky tribute it was time to rock. The Ring Announcer took the ring and couldn’t get his Mic to work. After a minute or so, he told us the medal ceremony for the Burger King of the Ring was first. He introduced the competitors, Player Uno, Pinkie Sanchez, El Hijo Del Panda, Bastian Snow, Dan Barry, Frankie Arion, Lloyd Cthulowitz, and Izzie Deadyet. Bamboo was hilarious, struggling to get in to the ring and hugging the announcers leg during the other introductions. After every one got their medals and snapped a few pictures, it’s time for the first match!

Match 1 – Pinkie Sanchez def. Player Uno via submission

Pinkie is hilarious. He came to the ring with “cocaine” all over his face and a couple of guys in his corner, including Chikara’s Sugar Dunkerton. This match was pretty sweet and got the tone set for the rest of the night. Some INSANELY hard chops to the chest of Pinkie. That guy can take a fucking chop, that’s for sure. At one point, Pinkie got a hit of some “cocaine” from his corner and went in to complete ape shit mode. Pinkie had a nice dive to the outside, and eventually got Uno to tap out after working his leg for a good portion of the match.

Match 2 – El Hijo Del Bamboo def. Bastian Snow via pinfall

I tell ya man, Bamboo plays off his gimmick SUPER well. Hugging the crowd (including me) on his way to the ring, struggling to get in again getting some help from the fans..Sitting down and cleaning/licking himself…Hilariously adorable stuff. Think Panda from the Tekken series. A pretty standard, but entertaining match..The referee even busted out some glasses and the three did an ode to Too Cool, which was pretty damn hilarious. After some cuteness from bamboo he won the match a top rope sitdown splash.

Match 3 – Frankie Arion def. Dan Barry via pinfall

These two guys have chemistry. I’ve seen Frankie wrestle numerous times around the CT area, and he always gives his all. Dan Barry is a talented comic wrestler, calling out his patented hip tosses. After some good exchanged, Frankie hit the double pits to chesty for the win. After Frankie cleared the ring, the lead singer of Two fisted law (who’s a really big dude) got in the ring to confront Barry, apparently these two have a history. Dan apologized to the guy, and then swerved him by spitting the water I provided in his face. The lead singer then proceeded to choke slam Barry to the mat.

Match 4 – Izzie Deadyet def. Lloyd Csuholowitz via pinfall

Izzie is a zombie, and Lloyd is a jewish lawyer/Cthulhu. Lloyd, like a true businessman shook the hands of all the fans before entering the ring.  Lloyd with out a doubt has some Lucha in his arsenal, as he performed some pretty good head scissors. In the end, however Izzie came out on top.

Match 5 – Twiggy def. Eddie Kingston via pinfall

Kingston interrupted the ring announcer to go on a hate filled rant on Mike Rotch and the rest of ISW. He explained he was there to make sure Twiggy never got his title shot against his boss Giant Tiger. Definitely not a promo for Children’s ears, which was fine by every one in attendance. After Twiggy came down, Kingston started a vicious attack on the 130 pound #1 contender. Some brutal power moves, and profanity laced tirades sprinkled in between. He even called some redhead chick a whore, claiming she has chlamydia. At one point, he mooned the crowd while for some reason the crowd demanded his whipped his cock out. In true underdog fashion, Twiggy got the quick roll up for the win. Kingston the proceeded to destroy chairs and throw garbage cans making a huge mess. He even flipped over the Beyond Wrestling merch table….They looked pissed.

Intermission was, thankfully next. Seeing as how the heat was starting to get to me, I was a bit happy. I didn’t watch any of the GLAAD challenge because I was already half way out of the door, but from what I heard a bunch of dudes tried to get him to fuck some broad in the ring much to his dismay. I only caught the last 2 songs from Two Fisted Law, but from what I heard they sounded like a pretty good punk band.

Match 6 – El Hijo Del Bamboo def. Izzie Deadyet via pinfall

More adorable Panda action. I got a second hug, I was happy. Bamboo tried to hug Izzie, but Izzie growled scaring the big gentle endangered species. Izzie put up a fight, but Bamboo hit his top rope finishee for the W. Apparently, Bamboo answered the question..Yes, he IS dead. Bamboo in the finals.

Match 7 – Frankie Ario def. Pinkie Sanchez via pinfall

Another good match..These two work well together as well. Pinkie is hilarious man, and the crowd LOVED him. Arion impressed again, and the two had a nice high flying match with a couple nice spots. Pinkie tried to work Arion’s leg like he did to Uno, but it didn’t work. After a top rope spot, Arion took Pinkie’s foot to his nose which busted Arion’s nose to shit. A TON of blood all over the place, including my arm. After that, Frankie may have legit got angry and he quickly ended the match with the double pits to chesty, advancing to face Bamboo in the finals.

Match 8 – Sweet and sour challenge! Fist/J-Ro def. Hallowicked/2.0  via pinfall

Excellent comedy here. Very entertaining six man tag and a true, awesome tribute to Larry Sweeney. The match was so much fun, 2.0 brought out a squirt bottle to spritz themselves to stay cool. It was stolen by J-Ro/Fist only to be stolen back by Hallowicked/2.0. Some good outside spots that saw  J-Ro land on the concession stand. The crowd/wrestlers all came out with pink boas for Larry, and after Fist/J-Ro got the win the guys/fans all threw the boas in the center of the ring in tribute to Larry. An emotional moment for all.

Match 9 – El Hijo Del Bamboo def. Frankie Arion to win the Burger King of the Ring tournament.

Bamboo is probably my favorite in ISW. Dude is just GOLD and over like crazy with the crowd. This match may have been match of the night,  we even saw Bamboo FLY! He did a front flip THROUGH the ropes on to Frankie to a huge pop! Frankie played his roll as Panda killer great, even twisting the head of Bamboo breaking his neck! Every one thought The Son of Bamboo met the same fate as his father, but after a double pits to chesty Bamboo kicks out! Bamboo sits up Undertaker style and fixes his head, going absolute Panda all over that ass! After two sit down ass drops, Arion was done and Panda was the King! After Panda was crowned, Arion handed him his crown and walked out. A true show of sportsmanship. A crown, a robe, a scepter and a BK Value Meal!

Match 10 – Shitty def. Addy Starr via pinfall

Wow…This match exceeded my expectations. After the legos were loaded in the ring, Addy and shitty BROUGHT it. Huge props to Addy for taking an absolute ass whooping. Whatever she got paid, it wasn’t enough. She took a BEATING. Shitty showed no remorse, slamming her so hard on the legos her back was bleeding. Addy also got in some good offense, beating the “shit” out of shitty with numerous legos. After one slam too many, Addy had enough. It looked as if Shitty was going to give her more, but she clearly told him she couldn’t take it, and I can’t blame her. She told the ref she couldn’t breath, so some guys helped her to the back to a big applause and show of appreciation from the crowd.

Other then a few technical difficulties,  the extreme heat, and some moron that was throwing legos during the main event, the show went off with out a hitch. Awesome, awesome show. If these guys ever come to your neck of the woods, you fucking GO. Can’t wait until they come back here.


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  1. “and some moron that was throwing legos during the main event,”

    I just wanted to say he was taken care of. Wrestlers stick up for wrestlers.

  2. by far one of the best wrestling shows i’ve ever been to

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