Musing of the Raw Variety, 7/25/11

And we are LIIIIIIIIIVE for another (hopefully) good edition of Raw where Rey Mysterio vs the Miz for the vacant WWE Championship kicks off the show.

– The show the nicely displayed WWE Title at ringside…a blatant replica belt. They seem to be using a lot of those the last few months…
– Crowd hates Miz pretty good; chanting “Miz is Awful.” I refuse to believe he has X-Pac Heat.
– I see Rey wearing NFL branded gloves, but I can’t figure out which team it’s for. The Falcons are the closest to wearing red and white, but it just doesn’t match up.
– Really good match, and the crowd is wicked hot. Especially since Rey Mysterio is the NEWWWWWWWWW WWE Champion! I would like to have seen Miz win, but I’m not upset Rey won. Good for him.
– Rey won the first Championship for San Diego’s since 1963.
– Nice backstage celebration with Rey and various jobbers and champagne. Zack Ryder was on TV for a whole 30 seconds!

– Dolph Ziggler got himself a hard rock remix of his theme song. It fits the more serious, maybe main event Dolph.
– Non-title match vs Evan Bourne. There’s really no way they can mess this match up.
– But they do, as it’s only like a four minute match. Ziggler with a Zig-Zag then sleeper.
– Dolph with some super serious screaming after the match. “FOLLOW THAT!”

– Bellas and Eve Torres squawking at each other backstage until KEITH STONE interjects and quickly, smoothly tattoos Brie Bellas arm in a matter of seconds. It was a 100% commercial in the show, but I don’t care. It was awesome.
– I guess there was a Divas tag match here that Kelly and Eve won. I don’t seem to recall it happening.

– And now Triple H with a State of the WWE address.
– They keep hyping that Triple H is going to bringing back someone to the WWE. Punk? Jericho? Austin?
– That’s a very girly wedding ring you’re wearing, Mr HHH.
– Trips thanks Vince but says he’s running things differently. Announces Rey vs Cena for the title TONIGHT.
– It’s Jim Ross! Looks like it’s back to Smackdown for you, Cole. H books him in a match.

– R-Truth comes out and holds his own verbally against Triple H. Until Trips grabs the shovel and buries Truth’s gimmick.
– Triple H tells Truth he re-signed someone else. John Morrison! Did I miss something? Was he ever not signed?
– Zack Ryder’s Dad, Mr Ryder, marked the fuck out with Morrison returned.

– There’s commercials for like 8 movies tonight, all using a variation of the Inception BWHOOOOOOMP.

– Cole comes out for his match, dressed as Triple H and coming out to his music.
– 15 Seconds later the match is over. Ryder is over too, which is good news. We’ll see what happens next week.

– They hype Del Rio vs Kofi pretty good. Showing old clips from old matches. You know, the way they should build a match up.
– Del Rio via Armbar. Bored.

– They really need to shut up with this “John Cena is the most controversial Superstar of all time” thing. He’s not even close, guys, stop it.
– The crowd WAS behind Cena when he came to the ring, after 3 minutes he was the most over heel on Raw again.
– This is why I’m glad Rey won the title, we’ve never seen this match and it’s pretty good. Rey brings a totally different element that most of the roster can’t. Plus, he EARNED it.
– Cool spot when Cena goes for the STFU but Rey reverses it and gets Cena in the STFU.\
– What with all these fake injuries lately? Show, Kane, Cena at the PPV and tonight, Miz at the PPV, what gives?
– OH COME THE FUCK ON! REALLY WWE? CENA, AGAIN? What was the fucking point at all?

NEVER FUCKING MIND BECAUSE CULT OF PERSONALITY IS PLAYING AKA PUNK’S ROH MUSIC!!!! MARK OUR/HEART ATTACK! Punk struts himself as the number one face in the WWE. Great save to an average Raw. Staredown to end Raw.


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